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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Punchy's Birthday, Big Spend

Punch is turning 12 this Monday. It's hard to believe it's been 12 years since we met that sweet-smelling baby in the lavender fleece infant sack. So clean and cute. [By the time we met her, in our dining room, she was about 4 weeks old, so that would have been early April.]

When I got my new pink bike last year, Punchy was envious. She has had her small pink bike for several years, and has grown taller. She loves riding in and out of town--and we like biking together. She always dutifully clips on her helmet.

She liked my new lock, removable white handlebar basket with carrying handle [for shopping]  and blinking reflectors. So we promised her a bike for her birthday.

Today I went back to The Bike Shop in Clifton, Punchy in tow. It is family-run; I like Debbie and her son, a young dad named Kyle. Punch test-drove two and chose the hot pink Kent Shockwave. She said the seat was too hard [she has a tiny butt, no cushioning like me], so we got a comfy gel seat cover--and the same white removable basket I have. Kyle handily put it on. And he and his dad delivered the new bike in their truck and took mine, for my annual tune-up. Sis is going to get Punch a new helmet. I'm eager to get back on my wheels again.

It was a big spend. But Happy Birthday to Punch. For a few years, she was so anxious and unsure about who to invite & where to have a birthday party that she didn't have one. So we are happy to give her a great birthday this year. On Monday, dinner at home and Baked Alexa/Alaska, her tradition. Next Saturday, Dan and I are driving Punch and 4 girlfriends to NYC for lunch and treats at Serendipity, then back to our house for pizza & sleepover. We have to rent a car because our small car won't fit everyone. We might rent a minivan. Figgy works til 6 but will help out at party/be there, which is great.

Anyway, here goes.

  • Java Love for Love Child drink and chocolate croissant for Punch, decaf for me, RedEye and vegan donut to bring to Fig at work and $20 red Bodum French press, since I ruined my latest one and like to French press daily, $45.73.  
  • Parking meter, $1.50.
  • 2 small scented votive candles, $4.14.
  • Carvel, small ice cream for Punch, $3.40.
  • ATM bank fees, $6.
  • Little Bear Poke, lunch for Punch and me, $30.
  • Montclair High dance show ticket, $8.
  • Sweet Soles, Uggs [Mini Bailey Bow II in Chestnut, pictured below], half price, and Uggs conditioning spray for Punch bday gift, $77.50. She loves them. They seem so cozy.
  • Birthday girl's 24-inch bike with gel seat cover and basket, neither shown, including discount and delivery, $280.  
I'm tired...must rest...but to keep up to date...
DAILY TOTAL: $456.27.
THE HAIRCUT,  Whole Foods and PUNCH BIRTHDAY GIFTS REALLY DROVE IT UP. Spends will be unusually high when it's Punchy's or Figgy's birthday.


  1. I love bike gifts - freedom when they need it, plus fresh air and exercise. Hope you have her run errands for you - return library books, pick up milk with that basket. She will feel so important!
    Sadly, I would make a rule about no dogs in basket. When I see pix of dumbass adults doing that, I want to yell. Glad you are having fun with the birthday celebration.

    1. True re dogs, tho tempting. Dumbass adults!!! Haha you crack me up. Yes will send Punch for milk etc. Thanks, Liz. Xx