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Monday, June 27, 2016

A Day at the Beach, A Treasure to Hold

Bicolor corn I brought from NJ and dinner served in the cheery baskets I wrote about.

Anne and her daughter, Nikki, with Punchy in front, at Coast Guard Beach

Heaven awaits. Coast Guard Beach.

Nik & I took a long swim; 58 degree water temp but once we got used to it, it felt great.

On the road again--to the beach.

My killer cold feels better; sea cure? We didn't leave the house til 4 for the beach, but still, it was truly beautiful. We all slept til almost 10 and then Anne kindly took the girls out for breakfast and thrift shopping and Hot Chocolate Sparrow. That gave me time to sleep off the NyQuil stupor. Then I took them to the beach. Divide and conquer. Good night, sea dreams.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sick as a Stranded Sea Pup on Old Cape Cod

I caught Punchy's cold, and it's a doozy. NyQuil from Village Green General Store on Brackett Road in North Eastham, near the Ben & Jerry's, where we did not go. Scoop shop=last place you want to be with terrible cold. 

Soft silver lining: Punchy said she wanted to be my mommy and take care of me at bedtime because I was sick. She offered me honey for my throat, covered me and read beautifully from a storybook. I did indeed feel loved and treasured.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Down at the Shore

Bad sunburn but beautiful day and beautiful sea. We took Punchy and her friend to Seaside Heughts...water park, beach and amusement pier. Grilled corn on a stick, lemonades, chicken fingers, custard cones. It was pricey but priceless. Punch had been planning it for days.

We went on this ride, below, called Hot Tamakes. It's a roller coaster on the end of the pier, dipping and climbing near the ocean. Fun!

Walked 6 miles today, with all that trudging in sand and on boatdwalk.

Good night. Tomorrow early morn, Punch, Sug and I head to Cape for 3 days w our girlfriends.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Friend sleepover under our roof. Beach & boatdwalk plans w those two tomorrow. Good night. Somehow hit a lot of Fitbit steps today but 

1. Smores bar from Starbucks and tall Smores Frappuccino w. whip and small bag Chefdar Combos and small can Pringkes. Stress! Clearly mismanaged.
2. Lots of ice water. 
3. Walked Sug around block.
4. Planted dinner plate dahlia. Meaning its blooms are pretty big!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ice Cream & Stress

More than a bit stressful over of us facing huge dental procedures and both of us fretting about accompanying delays and glitches...and calls for soft foods like soup, puddings and yogurt. Add to that a broken fridge that we keep filling with bags of ice and a car with no working AC. Hoping to get the latter fixed tomorrow. 

One of us bought a pint of Talienti pale green pistachio ice cream for the dental patient but the latter didn't get home till 7 and the ice cream was rapidly melting in bum freezer. So one of us ate the whole pint. Mistakes were made, one silver spoonful at a time.

Good night.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Too Tired to Write

It's that panic-button time of year, last day of school tomorrow and not enough scheduled for a young lady who thrives on structure and must be kept busy.

Literally, she has befriended the newest neighbors on the block: A very nice single mom in training to be a doctor, her live-in nanny, adorable dog, and cute 2 1/2-year-old son. Punchy runs, bikes or Hoverboards down to see them every chance she gets. And they don't seem to mind.

I have scheduled a week of "Magic for Muggles" [Harry Potter] camp, from 9 to 1 on M to F and a week of her beloved yet pricey horse camp, at the stables from 9 to 3 on M to F. I have my good Elaine to watch her several hours every Tuesday and more if I can get her. [Other moms see Elaine's goodness, too, and on top of that, her husband is fighting cancer w. chemo.]

Punchy's grandma wants to take her maybe for a week in July, maybe for a week in August. And H., Punch & I are going to Maine July 5 through 10th, which should be great fun, especially starting with 2 nights in a cottage on Sebago Lake and then seeing our Figgy and family.

We will also go to Cape Cod in August, working around Will and Kelly's time there. I will fill in by getting our town pool badges and probably buying several days at Steve & Kate's camp. You can use them whenever you want, and Punchy loves it there. I'm toying with scooping her and Sug and going to the Cape for a few days this Sunday.

Right now, I have to rest. I have been working hard on deadline and Punchy has been having early dismissal days.

Good night.