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Sunday, July 23, 2017

1,000 Mosquito Bites 

That's the price I pay for not liking the "barrier feeling" of bug spray--the artificial coating, the chemical layer. Instead, itchy bites galore. Good night.

The Beautiful People 

I must write about the SummerScape 2017 Gala at Bard College on the Montgomery Place property, pictured above. I went tonight for an Aspire Design and Home writing assignment. But I must sleep now, after getting lost on my way back to our friend's house in the Hudson Valley. No streetlights! I was scared.i lost Siri once and couldn't get her back. I was later terouted down a narrow dirt road. And my lights shone on a deer waiting to cross, like s proper lady on her slender legs. But the gala--that was a night of beautiful people in a beautiful place. More to come.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Counting My Blessings

I get overwhelmed easily and sometimes w good reason. Butt today I decided to focus on the little things within my grasp, so I:
  1. Watered and fed the garden. It was wilting like I was.
  2. Used fresh smelling floor cleaner to spruce things up a little.
  3. Watered the pretty plants in my office/sun room.
  4. Noticed the Big Dipper in the Hudson Valley sky. We are visiting Dan's friend since childhood--for the weekend.

    Still Jangly

    This week, camp was 9 to 1 for Punch and I had my sitter for two blocks of time--but a missed camp day since Punch felt sick, and then a follow-up Dr appt for her. I've been scrambling to get my work done. It's also been so hot, it's tiring. Next week should be better, YMCA Camp at the Lake, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. :) Hopeful.

    Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    Jangly Nerves @ Starbucks

    The best-laid plans, etc.....Punch was supposed to be at day 3 of her weeklong Maggic for Muggles [Harry Potter] camp today from 9 to 1. But last night, we overdid it, I guess, and Dan took her to the ER--she was disoriented at the outdoor movie in town, said she didn't know where she was....I knew about the busy, hot day she'd had and think fluid, food and bed would have sufficed, but Dan thought a doctor was they left 11 p.m. from movie at park and returned home after 3:30 a.m. [All the tests--EKG, blood, urine, were fine. The dr. thought maybe heat exhaustion was to blame.]  So then, of course, Punch had to sleep in today and camp was was my work window for the day.......

    We had Japanese lunch with Nikki, then came to Starbucks...I set up laptop to work and set up a short scavenger hunt in town for them....but Punch has been kind of bouncing off the walls....a that didn't work out too in, she ended up trying on many pairs in the new kids' shoe store instead of scavenging, and calling me on Nikki's cell to ask if we could buy some. Now Anne came and scooped them for a trip to the town pool, so I'm trying to get some work done for a couple of hours....but sometimes it's hard to switch gears so quickly, from park and idle to drive [through work assignments]. Jangly nerves.

    Ah, yes, now I remember why we sign our kids up for camp, if we have even a prayer of getting work done in the endless days of summer....

    Thank you for listening

    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Until Tomorrow

    1. Worked productively. Trying to balance my assignments so I can refocus on job hunt.
    2. Walked 1 mile at Anderson Park.
    3. Ate some healthy foods: oatmeal w blueberries; beet salad; chicken wrap.
    4. Lots of ice water.
    5. Nap after working.