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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Chocolate Lady 

I chose the dark disks, left, for baking and making ganache. The Chocopologie bar is a beauty with Hawaiian sea salt and caramel; shared it w Punch, who marveled at it. The Lillie Belle Farms Lavender Sea Salt Caramels are flown in from an Oregon farm. It's a tiny boxful of delectable craft chocolates, each in its own little white paper wrap skirt w lavender design.

I love that Susan Fine from The Chocolate Path drives right to my door with my order. It saves me the huge shipping costs for ordering one small thing from each individual place.

Like a cross between Mary Poppins and Willy Winka, Susan can also ship to your home.

But my family life is ricky road today. Better days ahead, I trust and pray. Good night.


  1. Yoga class.
  2. Good coffee.
  3. Got Rxs.
  4. Paid bills.
  5. Walked around block w dogs and back from town w groceries.
  6. Made chicken soup and Punch loved it.
  7. Faced music in my own imperfect way.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hello, Dolly 

Bought this refrigerated bar at Kings supermarket tonite. Pricey, at $2.99, but a filling treat. A hearty 2.5 oz., it contains 17 g of protein, 4 g fiber and 330 calories. I like the way it tastes and its thick, chilled, blonde candy bar texture. [But it's not dunked in chocolate.]  Plus, it's made by San Diego-based Perfect Bar, and that Golden State address instantly adds more sunny glamour and promise--right? Good night.

  1. Faced problems head on; Punchy got in hot water w some parents on the block. Not easy but did my best and will continue to. Intend to delve into The Care and Keeping of Friends book w her.
  2. Monday support group.
  3. Ate an apple w almond butter and a little honey.
  4. Veggie burger. [This, I hope, will help negate the donut dunkers I succumbed to in a weak moment. Yes, plural. Hard to shop at 9:45 p.m.]

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Made It to Mass 

Glad we did, even though we were late. I liked saying the "Our Father," hearing the choir, chatting w Punchy's friend's parents at coffee time. I liked seeing all the young children, and their moms in nice dresses, their slightly tired but very dedicated dads. Adults committed to passing their faith, and its rituals, down to the next generation. I liked seeing the ladies collecting money for the parish picnic next Sunday. Liked the small comforts--straw collection baskets, incense, candles. Faith, hope and love. Good night.

  1. Prayer.
  2. Walked dogs.
  3. Went to Whole Foods w a list and budgeted cost for each item, so I would not top the $100 cash I had. I did great by sticking to 365 brand and items on sale. I got a lot for the money. What I did not get: Impulse purchases like candles in jars, Mast Brothers excellent chocolate bars, ice cream for me [did get soy ice cream for Fig and two mochi for Punch],  cookies, fancy cheeses or craft butter, a cookbook, magazine or drink at the coffee bar. I spent about $98.50, and prices were so good that I could even throw in a nice, big, tender rotisserie chicken for $7.99. Affordable 365 brand products: Gallon of milk; big bag of coffee; cartons of juice and almond milk; Colby Jack cheese; firm tofu; dry pasta;; frozen berries; canned beans.
  4. Small Dina fruit and acai bowl at Juice Culture.
  5. Good dental care.
  6. Rested on couch, watched "I Love Lucy."

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Charge! The Annual Upper Montclair Sidewalk Sale

The Bergenfield Sidewalk Sale was a highlight of my girlhood summers. I would walk there from Dumont--in about 30 minutes--with Lorraine or Irene. I bought my first album on those sidewalks [The Beach Boys, "Endless Summer," secondhand]. I can't remember what else I bought, but being an eager shopper, I can clearly recall the storefronts lining Washington Avenue: Florence Shop, Woolworth's, Mandee's, Carvel, Stanley's Bake Shop, the Palace movie theater. For a small-town girl, it was always a big-time thrill.

And so I love the Montclair Sidewalk Sale, held every September. So many great stores, but budget to mind. Figgy worked all day at Montclair Stationery. I brought her The Kyle from Juice Culture--sweet, crisp organic apple slices w hemp seeds, cacao nibs, PB. I hit STITCH, my favorite store, and got Kenneth Jay Lane turquoise golden hoop earrings on sale and a sleeveless oatmeal turtleneck sweater, $148 marked down to $29. It's long and I will need to smooth bulges w control top pantyhose. That's ok! At Williams-Sonoma, landed a single Sea Blue Floral china plate by AERIN, Estée Lauder's stylish heir. Originally $12.95, down to $8 w special sale today. Made in Portugal. Good finds, good night. Fashion, style, beauty: Forever fun.


  1. Walked back from town.
  2. Healthy, delicious Juice Culture smoothie.
  3. Dan & I walked Sugar & Butter around the block. We're all going to miss Butter when Sis returns this week.
  4. Punch sautéed diced squash for dinner.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Once Again, Good Night 

It's just that as the mother of a fourth grader at my age, I have to tap my energy reserves. And after the school picnic tonite, which was lovely, and doing dishes, I want to use the last part of my night watching tv (so rare for me) vs writing. I love storytelling, but every now and then, I want to flop on the couch and let the tv tell stories to me. Grateful for Punchy's great school community of friends, parents and teachers. Gnite.


  1. Walked Butter & Sugar around block.
  2. Gardened.
  3. Dropped off sweater for cleaning and black pants for mending.
  4. Spinach salad.
  5. Yummy fruit and acai bowl from Juice Culture.
  6. Bubble bath.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017