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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Bring It On, Lavender 

About to take a bath w lavender Epsom salts. Busy weekend but with pockets of peace, such as book group at Karen’s house tonight. She sets a lovely table with votive candles, makes a fabulous meal and has a beautiful garden. [She co-runs the Gardening Gals business.] I loved the tulips and daffs. Good night.


  1. Heard the hymn "Draw Near" at Mass. Love ❤️ that title.
  2. Had spinach salad and roast cauliflower at book group
  3. Raked more, to TCO yard.

Friday, April 20, 2018


I'd like to start listing positive changes I've been making. Like TCOY [TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF], I hope to now incorporate +CHANGE. These are important changes I've made on my path to better nutrition--many of them thanks to my friend and mentor, Rachael. TCOY actions are just that; but +CHANGEs are ways I have changed my thinking in the big picture and, I hope, for the long run.

I caught the bad cold that went from Punch to Dan. Big mug of tea by my side, scratchy throat, tired.

Talk to you tomorrow.

  1. Kept appt for routine bloodwork. I kept putting it off and/or making a date and forgetting.
  2. Ate vegs.
  • Dan was picking up Chinese food for our family to share for dinner after 8 p.m.--one tofu and broccoli entree, which came with a small brown rice, and one mu shu shrimp entree. I told him not to get an extra large rice or an order of steamed broccoli--the place charges a lot for those. I made a pot of rice and steamed some broccoli with baby carrots--and then proceeded to add more vegs to my plate.
  • There's been a big stir recently about "pot-banging chocolate chip cookies," which are huge and look amazing. You freeze the dough rounds before baking and lift and lower the cookie sheet in the oven to flatten the cookies and make shattered cracks around the edges. I was about to order the author's book [Vanilla Bean something] on amazon and then a voice said, "You can make the cookies if you want. The recipe is online." I have so many dessert books's an addiction. The big +CHANGE is not just hearing the voice--because I have heard her before--but heeding the message. Exactly how many sweets will it take to take my life?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bagpipes & Iced Coffee

Moey’s Uncle Jay died at only 75. Moey’s mom, Muriel, is a treasure to me and Jay was her younger brother/only sibling. He was a larger-than-life presence during our girlhood, at the birthday parties at Moey’s house on Forest Road in Dumont.
It was back to Bergen County for the funeral Mass in Bergenfield, with beautiful eulogies by Moey’s brother Paul and Tony, Jay’s best friend since 1967. [The two men and their young brides married the same day in different states and met for the first time on their honeymoons in the Poconos.]
The last hymn was "Amazing Grace," and when we walked out onto the church steps, a bagpiper was playing the same song. It was moving.
Last night’s wake was the fourth death watch in a calendar year for me, and that’s a lot. Yesterday was the anniversary of Sis’s husband Don’s death. Then Moey’s mother-in-law; recently my mother’s brother, Uncle Jim; and now, Uncle Jay.
Memories. Remembering and missing my Dad. Dashed for excellent iced coffee in Tenafly at Cafe Angelique [sister to cafe on Bleecker Street in NYC] while I was back in the area.
Day is done, gone the sun.
Good night to you.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Ready, Set, Go

  • Showered with Aerin Tangier Vanille Body Wash purchased on Poshmark, new unopened box [half off MSRP].
  • Applied self-tanner to face, under-eye concealer, mascara. Brushed on Guerlain bronzer [also greatly reduced on Poshmark, new unopened box]. 
  • Pulled on Wolford tights, Tory shell, Athleta skirt.
  • Buckled a grey seed pearl bracelet around wrist.
  • Slipped into Tory heels that I still have to wear in, little by little.
At my desk, ice water by my side.

Did some important reading [] before settling in.

Have a good Monday.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Thankful for Heat 

...on a cold windy nite like this. Until tomorrow.