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Friday, July 3, 2015

Dinner by the Hudson

We ate out with M & T at Pier 115 restaurant in Edgewater, right on the Hudson River. We saw Manhattan's pretty cityscape across the way. The roast chicken was delicious.

Good night.

1. Boot camp in park.
2. At lunch, enjoyed heirloom tomatoes with our garden basil and olive oil.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Calendar

Fun stuff....we got an oversized calendar, and decorated it with puffy stickers [smiling bananas, pears, suns, etc.] for things like trips to the Bronx Zoo or visits to Sis's or Mimi's or Cape Cod. We think we've found a time when all four of us [possibly five, counting Sugar] can travel to Maine. That means H. will be the only male in a car full of females.

Must rest. Good night.

  1. Private Benjamin with H.
  2. Walked Puff around block.
  3. Work.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Punchy took this photo.

Best fireworks I've ever seen, tonight at Brookdale Park. The bursts of color, sound and light were like gifts being unwrapped in the summer night sky. Red and green like Christmas morning, golden palm tree shapes like on the Florida Keys. Bug spray, lawn chairs, glow wands. Parents, grandparents, babies who fell asleep in their carriages despite the noise. Little Punch, head back, looking up to the sky, to a thousand bright possibilities. I thank my friend Jane for inviting us to go.

1. Boot camp in park, plus walked a lot. Hit 16,368 steps on my fitbit today.
2. Steamed a big pot of kale and roasted sweet potatoes. Wish I could say I loved the kale but that would be lying.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Walk on Washington Street in Hoboken

Found this photo online--that's Dennis Shah and the wallpapers.
Temo at left, Dennis at right; note Pineapple wallpaper. Love it.
Busy day, so will do star list.
*Hit the wall. Drove to Hoboken to see Studio Printworks and talk to the execs [Temo and Dennis] with my editor, Amy. Located in red brick mill building on Harrison Street--originally the My-T-Fine Pudding building! Writing about the beautiful hand-screened wallpapers they do. Lovely, rich.
*Java pour. Didn't want to leave without checking out some hot spots. Asked Dennis about great local coffee places and he said yes, over near Washington Street and 11th Street. Siri took me there. The place was called bwè. Was trying to avoid sugar but soon regretted not getting the iced mocha. It looked so good. They use beans from Haiti and also sell vegan cookies and bars. I don't know why, but I would consider driving back for that mocha. I saw a pretty woman in a white tank top walking with one. The plastic cup looked, you know, cold and shaken and mocha-rich. Hoboken is about a 30-minute ride from here.
*Gossamer chains. The Golden Carrot has beautiful jewelry. Superfine chains, delicate rings, sparkly posts. Wanted some. Of course, the more mochas and donuts consumed, the less likely that any of those slender chains would fit around my neck.
*Donuts under glass. Schnackenberg's Luncheonette had mascarpone-filled donuts, coconut donuts, dreamy donuts. Tried to resist but they make them there. Got one for $1.34. The one cake donut I got tasted a bit bready but I have no doubt there are winners there. The presentation alone in the glass case is worth $1.34.
*My Grandpa might have been here. Dad's dad was born in Italy, I think, but raised in Hoboken. His parents died--I'm not sure how old my grandpa was--and so he was sent back to Italy to be raised by family. That's what Sis confirmed today. Then he returned to the U.S. later on the same boat as Rosie, who would soon be his wife. Anyway, Giorgio's, this very old Italian bakery on Washington Street, made me think of him and wonder if he had ever been there. The lady at the counter said it had been there maybe 100 years. But my grandfather was born in the late 1800s, so maybe it was after his time and besides, I have no idea if his family had money for bakery treats. Sadly, I never met him. Still, liked seeing pignoli cookies, rainbow cookies and cannolis and thinking of him as a boy.

Must sleep. Sweet dreams.

1. Went to 8 a.m. yoga and meditation class. Would like to go every Tuesday.
2. Private Benjamin. Helpful.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Breathing Space

Back in a room of my own, while Punchy is away with her grandma. I have cleared my desk and parked my bottom. The little brunette returns tomorrow around dinnertime.

I also went to a new support group today that I've been meaning to check out for months. It's a little scary to go the first time but I'm glad I did. It's personal, so you will have to read between the lines. It should help with the complexities of my life--as foster mom, regular mom, etc.

Going up to read! Good night.

  1. Took a nice long walk at 6 p.m. in Anderson Park. Perfect sunny weather. The funny part is, the tracker wasn't in my fitbit bracelet! I had left it home to charge. So my steps are not recorded; oh well.
  2. Made a healthy lunch. Baby kale salad with grilled artichokes and cherry tomatoes, plus a portabello mushroom with part-skim mozzarella melted on top.
  3. Met my friend for an iced coffee at Java Love.
  4. Good dental care.
  5. H. was working late in NYC, so after reading my friend Kim's blog about the movie "Inside Out," I decided to go. H., Figgy and Punch saw it when it opened, but it had been a long day for me, so I passed. I was intrigued with the idea of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear at work in our brains. Good movie. Made me think of our Figgy.
  6. Just signed up/paid $20 for a mediation/basic asana class at Yoga Montclair, tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. After that, heading to Hoboken for a work appt. and then back home.

Radio Silence

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rainy Peace

Punchy's Mimi took her for four nights! H. went to a music festival with his best friend since they were 4 and 3 years old--back tomorrow. Figgy back at her apartment in the city.

I have enjoyed peace and quiet with Sug.

Good night.

1. Biked to support group. Didn't have to rush back. Had nice long talk with friend.
2. At Rosario's on Park Street, bought a pound of grilled artichokes and biked home with them in my basket. Also: Ingredients to make tiramisu, since it's pretty low sugar. 
3. Reading, sleeping, watching enjoyable marathon of "The Big Bang Theory."  My sofa and remote are often hijacked by others. I like some mindless channel surfing as much as the next person does.
4. Long chat with Sis.