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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Block-Party Tired

From dismantling roadblocks to hauling trash and recycling and ice chests--super busy day. But seems like everyone loved our annual block party. I ran the Cookie Monster Bake-off, 13 entries, 6 judges, 2 great helpers. More to come. Gnite. With all those trips up and down our hilly block, hit 17,276 steps on my Fitbit.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Big Screen: A River Runs Through It

Craig Sheffer and Brad Pitt as Maclean brothers Norman and Paul.
Have you seen this beautiful 1992 film directed and narrated by Robert Redford, who could read me a book any old day? 

It's a tale of two brothers, woven carefully with words, nuances and nature, from the phrases in the true Norman Maclean story it is based on to golden boy Brad Pitt to sweeping views of Montana and its rivers. I had to breathe in on my couch, in awe of that coursing, forceful beauty.

I saw it alone as a newlywed in Montclair and loved every moment. How could it have taken me until today, 24 years later and happening upon it on TV, to realize that I must read renowned Chicago Professor Maclean's book? His wisdom, insights and close views of nature touched my heart. It's a story about preaching, literature, love, fly-fishing and family--with its quiet joys and painful struggles--in another time and place.

I would like to get it on audio, too--it's just the kind of thing I like to listen to when working on writing that borders on tedious, or writing that soars.

New York Blood Center has a rewards program for donors, and you can save up your points for jewelry, gift cards, hair dryers, lipstick, books, boxes of Godiva chocolates and more. I'm eyeing an Amazon gift card so I can get the book, A River Runs Through It.

Good night.

1. Walked 4 big loops at Anderson Park, from 10:30 to 11:30. Left my phone in car, which felt freeing. Seemed like I could stand up straight and undo some stress knots, be present. Hit nearly 16,500 steps on Fitbit today.
2. Made turkey, Provolone, avocado and tomato sandwich on toasted wheat.
3. H. picked one of the pumpkins he and Punch grew. He roasted it for dinner and they toasted the seeds separately. Healthy and good.
4. While Punch was in her appt., I pulled out the Start Where You Are journal I bought at the Orleans Health Food Store on the Cape last month and wrote in it. I bought Figgy the same one.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sad & Glad

Sad news, our former neighbors lost their son, Nate, age 26. He grew up on our block and was such a polite and personable boy and young man. Just a really good kid, and a charming presence to have around. He had a faint scattering of freckles on his face and a big hello when you saw him.

I was sorry when the family moved.

I'm not sure of the cause of death, only that his parents are both very lovable and kind and that they also tragically lost an infant boy in year 2000. [They have other children, too.] I plan to attend the services. How can this be, how can they be expected to rebound from the loss of two sons? Such heartbreak. Fate can be so very ruthless.

Glad news, saw Moey for dinner tonight at a pasta restaurant in Saddle Brook.

Must sleep now. Can never get my fill of sleep, it seems.

Good night. Prayers for Nate's family. They do not walk alone.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I Didn't Get at the Grocery Store

I tell you, this package almost leapt into my cart.
I went into Kings for Mighty Leaf tea, so I can make some nice iced green tea at home.

I went in with good intentions.

A cartful later, including toilet paper, crushed tomatoes, mini ravioli, two peanut butter Clif bars, mozzarella balls, bananas, milk and more, I had to make some serious detours to avoid sweet pitfalls.

Successfully stared down:
  1. Dare brand pumpkin spice creme sandwich cookies. They looked so good, were on sale, and Punchy loves the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. But I thought of Patsy's voice. If you bring junk into the house, you will end up eating it. And kids don't need it.
  2. Entenmann's goodies. Tough to push past those sometimes.
  3. Ronnybrook Farm Dairy chocolate milk in glass bottle. It was calling my name, begging me to pour it into a tall glass at home.
  4. barkTHINS in Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt.  Those looked great and are fair trade and dark chocolate, after all, not as much sugar. I've had the mint ones and they are so good. The sea salt here almost sent me over the edge. In the end, it's a bag of candy, I thought. And I'm not buying a bag of candy. I will eat the whole thing.
Just so this isn't a post that isn't helpful, here is what I have been snacking on, but probably too much. Go on green:
  • GORP  Good old raisins and peanuts, mixed together. [Punch-approved.]
  • Brown Cow yogurt, maple flavor, not too much sugar.
  • Ice water. [Punch-approved.]
  • That One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream from, with deep, dark, unsweetened cocoa added. [Punch-approved.]
  • Cheese. Not too healthy. Part-skim mozzarella or Cheddar.
  • Very dark pretzels from Whole Foods, dipped in salsa.
Talk to you later. Have a good day.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Eye on Wall Street

Very nice iced coffee, $3.50.

Took the A train downtown to Fulton Street and walked over to Wall Street for a small work task. Then had excellent iced coffee at La Colombe before walking back to the train and heading uptown to donate platelets at NY Blood Center in Port Authority.

In a healthy salad place called Sweetgreen, I watched the Wall Streeters lining up for their quinoa, kale, tahini dressing and iced fruit teas. [The place is experimenting with taking no cash, just cards.] What a well-dressed group of greens lovers--very Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink, J.McLaughlin and Ted Baker, the women in sheath dresses, no low necklines, discreet minimalist gold necklaces, and not a scuffed pump or worn-in men's loafer in sight. Talk about being well-heeled. The customers also looked very fit and healthy.

The platelet giving is tedious--but there's a critical need. I had to keep my arm extended in place for over 2 hours, squeezing the ball in my first on and off. Glad to help save lives.

Good night.

1. Walking up subway station stairs. Hit 9,988 steps today.
2. That salad.
3. Read Thoreau's Cape Cod on bus to city. Enjoying it!