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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Is It Just Me--or Are You Tired, Too?

I'm so tired that I'm ready to doze off now, before 9 p.m. I can hear H. reading Tom Sawyer to Punch in her room across the small hall.

I think, not a new thought, that I have to cut back on/cut out sugar. Today after boot camp, I had a chocolate mint Balance Bar when I went to CVS to pick up an Rx, and I spiked or crashed or whatever, quickly wallowing in a rotten, unbalanced place.

I plan on a more productive day tomorrow.

Are you tired, too? Is it the weather, the extra effort it takes to boot up and hat up several times a day? The salt underfoot, the ice our stealthy enemy? Sweater on, sweater off/hot flashes/frigid temps?

Good night.

1. Boot camp in dome.
2. Dental implant follow-up.
3. We enjoyed broiled salmon, homemade kale chips--and delicious pesto and milk from farm pickup at school.
4. Stocked arsenal with healthy foods: juicy fruit, almonds, yogurt.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Housework vs. Paid Work

We cleaned hard Sunday and I'm trying to keep it clean, put laundry away promptly, etc. But it's a constant battle between my work and the housework. A snow day is a lost day in some ways, disjointed at best, so that didn't help.

My desk needs another cleanup and I have three writing deadlines. And tomorrow, Punch has 3 p.m. dentist and 4:45 gymnastics, which she's been dying for. 

On days like tomorrow,  I have to compartmentalize my work, and it's hard.  I will have about 3 hours tops to work after post-boot camp shower and before school pickup. I have to get my ducks in a row so I can be productive. 

It's not just that I have to. I want to and I choose to. There, that sounds better.

Good night. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good Nite, We Cleaned All Day

And I think I logged 10,000 steps on my Fitbit with all of those trips up and down the stairs. Good night to you. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cake & Friendship

Travel back with me to Dumont, when I was a teen. It was my birthday and it was snowy, so when Moey stopped by that year, she came to the garage door--the front steps must have been unsafe or unshoveled.

The cable the garage door ran on as I pulled it up struggled and creaked. But then it was open, and there Moey stood with a chocolate cake made from one of those Betty Crocker or Pillsbury mixes that came with a small cardboard pan to bake it in. I was surprised, and touched.

Moey has an August birthday, and loves cheesecake. I made her Bisquick cheesecake pies in college and later graduated to deluxe Ed's Cheesecake.

Tonight, it's another snowy January day and I am far from a teenager--yet sometimes still feel like one at heart. Moey and Ted took me and H. out for a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill near Paramus Park, the mall she and I frequented with our friends as teens.

All these years later, my hair is colored to cover the gray, I have a frown crease on my forehead and I've known life's ups and downs way more than that teen at the garage door. But I still saw Moey by my side, saw her kind blue eyes, heard her sing Happy Birthday as I made a wish over a chocolate dessert on the house.

Age does have its perks.

1. Spent a lot of time out in snow with Punch, Sug and neighbor children. They were all sledding. Nature is exhilarating.
2. Going out for dinner was TCOY. Had to call three sitters to arrange it.
3. We got home before 9. Punch was tired from all that sledding. She went to sleep in a flash and we are in living room enjoying fire in hearth. It's crackling and smells toasty. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

5 Reasons to Love Montclair Now

1. The SKATING sign is up at the pond at pretty Edgemont Park. The ice looks rough, but that hasn't stopped the skaters. Wish we could all go, but Punch doesn't have skates and H. has a broken wrist.
2. VAMP Hair Studio. Perfect pedicures. I brought the nail polish Figgy got me for my birthday! Love the shade.
3. Little Daisy Bake Shop. Excellent scones, charming atmosphere.
4. Java Love. Everybody who's anybody gets their lattes and coffee beans there instead of at the more cookie-cutter Starbucks.
5. Montclair Public Lubrary. The more time I spend there working on Anthony's book, the more I like it. I park for free on the street next to it and feel like part of a community. 

Good night. Snow dreams.

1. Boot camp in the park.
2. Big bowl of tofu/mushroom/veg soup at Terra.
3. Watched a kids' movie with Punch tonight.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


H. and I had to get Punch from school at 2 p.m. for an appt. with two psychologists in Hoboken. We weren't far from the riverfront and that was pretty. So was the stately old architecture. Punchy pulled me onto a new playground for a while and later, we had nice thin-crust pizza at Grimaldi's [no wait at 4:30 p.m. on a Thursday]. 

Punch and I also had meatballs and marinara--H. had spotted a huge silver baking sheet of meatballs cooling, row upon perfect row. Other Italian punctuation marks--H.'s tiny white cup of espresso with Sambuca from the bar to pour in and what was perhaps the world's finest cannoli, split three ways. The filling was rich and creamy, the shell perfectly crisp; shattered nicely under the dessert spoon, unlike some rubbery wannabes. 

On the way home, crystal-clear view of glittery NYC skyline.

Good night to you.

P.S. My Italian grandpa, Charles Garbarini, was born in Hoboken and then returned to Italy as a boy, I believe. Wish I knew the address. Maybe Sis knows. Miss Dad. 

1. Remembering to be present and stay centered, as best I can. I can only change me.
2. Shared a green salad; ate a fresh orange.
3. Rested.