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Monday, October 16, 2017

Quick Post While Waiting for Tow Truck 

  1. Thank goodness for AAA. I’m waiting to have our car towed about a mile home. It won’t start. Just got text update saying HELP IS ON THE WAY.
  2. Grateful we just bought a GMC Yukon secondhand from our excellent and trustworthy mechanic, Jason. But we can’t drive it yet, must get insurance and plates.
  3. Lucky that Figgy is home between classes and could get Punch off school bus.
  4. Praise the heavens that I convinced Dan to rent a car rather than drive this war wagon [275,000 miles] up to Maine to see his mom after surgery.
  5. Happy to have this blogger app so I can blog anytime and anywhere.
  6. So delightful to have my free acai PB fruit bowl from Juice Culture while waiting to be towed. Get 9 stars punched on card, 10th bowl or smoothie is free.

Truck is here.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Already in Love with Wegmans 

I finally went to a Wegmans! I couldn’t wait to check out the new store in Montvale, which we pass on the way to Moey’s house. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I barely scratched the surface. Didn’t really delve into cookie brands, frozen foods, cereal, baking ingredients, flowers, organic coffee labels or dark chocolate bars. 


  1. Acme brand smoked nova salmon trim sold in containers by the pound. Not to be confused w the very ordinary supermarket chain of the same name, Acme Smoked Fish comes from the celebrated smokehouse in Brooklyn.
  2. Luxury Vermont Creamery cheeses, creme fraiche flavors [even smooth, cool and creamy Madagascar Vanilla].
  3. Organic basting oils with herbs—Wegmans brand at good prices.
  4. The giant hot food bar—something for everyone, from vegan Figgy [spicy tofu w noodles] to Punch [egg roll and chicken]. Pricey but dont think it touches the bill at Whole Foods hot bar. This was $32 for dinner for three/three containers.
  5. The freshly baked chocolate chip cookies looked good and moist and heavy on the chips but I resisted. Also tempting: cannoli cream dips, French cheeses and chocolate barks.
  6. Large container of peeled mango, snack-size packs of fresh pomegranate seeds for Punchy’s lunchbox, organic beets by the big, leafy bunch, dinosaur kale leaves [a friend taught me to wrap a veg burger in a leaf vs. a roll].


  1. Bath salts/sugar scrubs sold by weight, self-serve with scoops in glass jars. Didn’t smell as intoxicating as the ones Whole Foods carried for years and no ribbons of rich, moisturizing oil running through them like ocean water pushing through a sandcastle moat.
  2. The coffee bar. I was hoping for s hipper looking cup and wasn’t impressed w my sip of Figgy’s chai latte with almond milk.

Must sleep. Gnite.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Devil’s Food 

This time, I’m referring not to the dark, rich Martha Stewart Living layer cake I love baking, but the Essie nail polish my perfectionist pedicurist [she’s amazing!] suggested when I said I was in the mood for a rich brown cocoa color. It’s pretty dark but I like it, especially w Halloween right around the bend./I built in that beauty time between taking a bath, biking to support group, biking back home to load pile of dishes into dishwasher, Ubering to town [$8] and then to Punchy’s soccer game @ the park [$6]. After the game, took Punch and pal [above] for sherbert and we walked the hilly route home. My point is, I literally felt polished and pampered because I made time for this salon hour today. That feeling prevailed when I caught sight of my toes when walking the dog, sitting at the movies, not getting scoops when the girls did. A pedicure is one of life’s best investments./Gnite.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Good Night, The Coconut Cult Probiotic Mango Cream Yogurt

I finally succumbed to a jar at Juice Culture today. It is Tiffany-priced, at $25, but you’re supposed to have just about a tablespoon per day of this miracle whip. Many people are into the benefits of probiotics, including some of my smart, slender, beautifully fit boot camp friends with whom I lunched today for Michael’s 50th bday! I will report back on my probiotic path. I hope it won’t be like my quest to start praying the Rosary [Sept. 26 blog post] or my other enthusiastic starts that fizzle. I guess that’s me. Still, this product is vegan and yummy and I want Figgy to try it, too. But it’s small spoonfuls! Check this coconut cream link./How about you? Are you into probiotics?/Gnite.

Was That Really a Decaf?

It was 10 p.m. and I ordered a decaf cappuccino at the restaurant, after dinner—for my dessert. I  joked with Tony and MJ, who are visiting from Florida and were saying Decaf? What’s the point?, that I would be up all night if the waiter made a mistake and gave me regular. /Here’s your decaf cappy, he said as he put the white cup and saucer in front of me./Alas, I was up til 4:30 a.m. /Dragging now. Spotify music helping as I watch Punchy make her ponytail and send her to brush her teeth. Dan took car early to mechanic Jason. Must drag self down to throw some items in lunchbag. Sugar also wants out....

Postscript at 7:23 p.m. while Punch is in her Friday 6 to 8 p.m. gymnastics class: I did end up yelling/screaming a little before school. I am not perfect, but a work in progress.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mothers-in-Laws Named Mary

My lifelong friend Moey’s mother-in-law, Mary, died Saturday at age 92. I enjoyed talking to Mary about her life over the years. Like all funerals, the one today was sad—but the setting, a Catholic church in Park Ridge, NJ, was strikingly beautiful. Full walls of stained glass.

I sent a blue, white and moss green bouquet in a glass vase to the funeral home—ordered from

My mother-in-law, Mary Hurley, celebrated her 88th bday yesterday up in Maine. I sent red roses in a glass vase from

Two Marys, two sons, strong women living to advanced ages.

Moey and I should be so lucky.

Good night.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Barefoot & Beautiful

Photo sleuthed from THIS LINK.
Finished watching happy old movie OnDemand—“Barefoot in the Park,” the 1967 madcap romance starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, both adorable as fresh-faced newlyweds in NYC. Costumes by Edith Head—pretty hot pink dress, cute coats, turtlenecks, booties, dreamy blue bathrobe for Jane w matching slippers. Also loved Jane’s hair!!! Every ounce of this movie, adapted from a Neil Simon play, is delicious. Happy-go-lucky, bubbly, fashionable, sweet. Like Champagne..

I rented it for $4.95 for a work assignment—I interviewed a cowboy out in Colorado whose music [he sings it w his wife] is on the soundtrack of the new Netflix movie reuniting the 2 megastars 50 years later. Jane Fonda and Robert Redford are still perfect together in “Our Souls at Night,” a romance brimming with beauty. You just want to be them! They make being near 80 sexy.

I longed to watch the first just to put things in context as I wrote about the new film. The cowboy singer and wife are Michael and Dawn Moon. I added their songs  to my Spotify playlist!