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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This is a Summer Day

It was a beautiful blue-sky day, and we had so much fun. First, Sis, Punchy and I met my longtime friend and fellow writer Mary Kate and her lovely daughter, Cara, age 9, at 11:30 for a swim at the Greenwich Water Club. They live right nearby. So good to catch up with MK and meet Cara. The girls loved diving/jumping off the board. Then lunch at the club....back home about 3:15 for a shower and later, out to dinner at The Ginger Man on Greenwich Avenue. Then a concert in the park--Punchy made lots of friends and danced w them under the stars. We're all tired now and Punch, Sug and I are sleeping over for another night. Please excuse any typos, as I lost my teading glasses, again. Thankful for today. Sweet dreams.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Signing off

Good night to my laptop. Have to do the dishes and get ready for bed. But there's something strangely satisfying about squeezing the Palmolive onto the pink sponge and cleaning things up for a fresh start tomorrow. xo

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dream Roll: Shifting Sands in Provincetown

Provincetown dunes when we went in April 2016.

H. and Punchy on the Ptown beach.
I was having the coolest dream when the alarm went off. Have to write about it before I forget.

H. and I were at the beach in Provincetown, on the tip of Cape Cod. He went off to get something, maybe from the car or maybe a refreshment, and suddenly, I was on a huge expanse of sand that moved up and around to keep people dry from the approaching waves. It was spinning on its side, like a carnival Tilt-A-Whirl, and I loved the way it lifted me and my notebooks so we didn't get wet. We spun around and around as the tide came in and the waves crashed underneath us. Sometimes I was very close to getting drenched, but then the magical expanse of sand would lift up again. At times, we were carried out over the sea.

On some turns, my belongings slid and I almost lost them. On others, I was right in the midst of beautiful waves, lifting, roaring, breaking. It was thrilling.

I couldn't wait to tell H. when he returned. You have to see this! Come up here. This part of the beach starts spinning and lifting you above the waves!

It was just the most amazing concept. I loved it. I talked to some people--a couple of guys and an older couple--and they said it had been put there about three years ago. They said the sandy, spinning platform could be even be rented out for people who wanted to host brunches or parties.

It had a name but hours later, I can't remember exactly what it was. It was one word, something environmental like Sea or Beach or Green or Wind. Or Tide.

In the dream, I told H. to write an article about it for the Science Times in the New York Times--since he is a health and science writer--but we both agreed that since it had been around three years, they had surely covered it already.

Maybe you could pitch an update, I said.

Theories about this dream:
  1. I am very eager to get to Cape Cod August 28 for our week-long family vacation, even though it will be a bit disjointed because H. is going to leave the Cape for Maine w Punchy August 30 and bring Figgy back Sept. 1 [that's the day her lease is up]. We stay through Sept. 4. I have only been to the Cape 3 days this summer so far [but Maine and California, and Sis's in Connecticut, yes, and thankful for that].
  2. Some magical thing out there has been protecting me from near drowning--from bad things. It has allowed me to view the beauty up close without the risk.
  3. I will have good luck with my job hunt. I will be daring and adventurous in an area that I love. And it will feel like fun.
  4. Neither Figgy nor Punchy was there. No daughters! Focus on us as a couple again?
Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Would Love to Blog But Already in Bed

Want to honor my recent rule of putting away my iPhone and reading the old-fashioned way at bedtime, holding a book in my hands.

Good night. 

1. Enjoyed sweet blackberries.
2. Set my boundaries.
3. Important reading.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


1. Went to gentle yoga class. Felt really stiff and stressed; needed to stretch. Love my teacher, Tonia. Did my best at these poses, not in this order: lunge, triangle, warrior 1, warrior 2, tree, cobra, half moon, child's, uttanasana, plank, "shower" pose against the wall, shavasana.
2. Went to Private Benjamin. Found that therapy appt helpful.
3. Faced and finished another round of work deadlines. Thank goodness for gymnastics camp [9 to 3 p.m.] for Punchy, plus the help of my Tuesday sitter/friend, Elaine.
4. Made PB banana smoothie in a.m, and green beans at dinner.