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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Girls & Pearls & Lizards' Tails

I hope I can hold onto these pearls forever. Luminous memories of one young woman growing up and one young girl following after. Stretching, reaching, both of them. Below: Figgy and Florida Orange home for a visit in Montclair [at the field to watch Punchy's soccer game]; Punchy on Patsy's swing set; and Rikki, our neighbor Maddy's lizard [we fed him and his lizard sister big worms today].

Good night to you.

1. Support group. I arrived late and had to leave early to get Punch to soccer game, but grateful to have been there.
2. Walked Sug down by hobbit houses and stopped by brook to look and ponder as the water coursed over the rocks.
3. Punch and I raked and spruced up backyard. Cleaned up pretty back garden, the better to see tulips and hyacinths in Easter dress colors.
4. Made spaghetti with broccoli, garlic and olive oil for supper.
5. I would really like some chocolate right now. But I'm not having any, even though I know exactly where Punch left her bunny basket. I will go to sleep and look forward to a good breakfast in the morning.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The No Cookie, Cake, Candy, Ice Cream & Pastry "Diet"

This Sunday will mark four weeks since I decided to stop eating sweet treats--because my moods were erratic and I was acting evil to my family. By the grace of God, I was able to step back and see myself screaming and being evil--or rather, to see a stranger I didn't recognize doing that. I clearly remember where I was standing, what I was wearing and what time it was: 11:22 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

I've had no sweet treats with few exceptions: An occasional Lily's stevia-sweetened chocolate bar, apple cake made at home with very little sugar and maybe some jam on a roll or toast. [I did make two cake exceptions this weekend--to try a special praline ice cream cake that someone's Dad sells to fancy restaurants in NYC and to sample a piece of my childhood friend Irene's cannoli sheet cake. But then I jumped swiftly back on the bandwagon. Sugar addict that I am, in the past I would have had more than one slice of the ice cream cake and a whole plate of desserts on the cannoli cake party day.]

I weighed myself today and have lost 5 pounds.

I am encouraged. And I feel better, too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Long and Winding Road

So much I don't understand, and find painful to process or witness as a parent. Rites of passage, growing pains. Uncharted territory. Letting go. I guess it's no different when your toddler starts to walk. At first she needs to hold your hand, her tiny fingers nestled in your steady grip. Soon, she is off and running, a gleam in her eye. That's as it should be. She learned to stand on her own two feet. Your strong balance helped her.

Yet I search for answers, concrete facts, a map to the future, a perfect world where no one gets hurt. Childish, I guess. 

I'm grateful for what I know, understand and love. The beauty of a young friend confiding in me about a pregnancy, and the quiet parenting wisdom of another young woman [half my age?], mom to Punchy's pal. The loyalty of sisters--my own, plus Figgy and Punchy. The huge love of true friends.

The fIrst day in the garden. Teasing out damp and crunchy leaves that are choking plant roots, blocking beauty. Coaxing pansies into the dirt, patting it up around them. Eager to see their pretty faces in the sun. Scooping out a spot in the white metal planter for a ruffly new purple pansy--the blooms remind me of frilly little dresses.

Yet fretting that something seems to be eating the tulips, even as daffs and hyacinths are popping up all over.

So that's it. Beauty, beauty everywhere if we choose to look. Even in the face of some uncertainty. 

Good night.

1. Boot camp in park. Beautiful day.
2. Gardening for about an hour.
3. Punchy and I walked back from town, about 25 minutes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Good Night to You

It's nearly midnight and I still have to fill out some paperwork due to Punchy's school tomorrow. I was fairly productive today, but that still remains....

Tomorrow, I CHOOSE TO WORK ON ANTHONY'S LIFE STORY. I have been grappling with writer's block.

Very grateful that our sitter was here today from 4 to 7 p.m., as she is most Tuesdays. It gives me time and space.

  1. Not-too-sweet granola with fresh raspberries and a splash of cream for breakfast.
  2. Kept my doctor appt.
  3. Veggies at lunch.
  4. Iced coffee.
  5. Homemade meatballs at dinner. I like to create, and if it's not chocolate layer cake, it might as well be good meatballs, right?
  6. Smart dental care.
  7. I am going to Cape Cod for a few days next week over Punchy's spring break--with Anne, her daughter, Sugar and Punch. I miss my Cape so much. Can't wait to breathe that air and stand high above the sea on the lookout. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Frame Game: Whisked to Walmart, Part 2

Finally getting back to the sequel to Whisked to Walmart last Tuesday for the launch of Hard Candy Eyewear at Walmart.
In the takeaway bag: A cute bottle of light blue Hard Candy nail polish.
What it really was: The holder for the press kit on a USB flash drive. Companies are getting so clever about the way they present product info on thumb drives.

Ketan Patel represented Hard Candy at the press event--and encouraged me to try on a pair of shades, below.

For me, it's hard to resist a style press event when a car service is provided to take you there and back! This one-hour morning event celebrated the launch of cosmetic line Hard Candy's eyewear [Rx and sunglasses]. It is sold exclusively at Walmart, also the sole purveyor of Hard Candy makeup. And when Rachael--a very helpful press rep I've known for years--sent me the invite, off I went.

Beauty Field Notes
  • I was whisked to Walmart in Secaucus [10-15 minute ride] in a spotless Mercedes SL driven by Ronnie [sp]. I enjoyed the supple pale leather seating and the impeccable floor mats that were not strewn with Cheez-It crumbs and pens that don't write. Before I knew it, we had driven past the cattails swaying in the wetlands and arrived at Walmart, where your average shopper was zipping in and out with wagons full of Bounty jumbo packs and groceries. It was 11 a.m.
  • I met Ketan Patel, above. Hard Candy started with Sky nail color, he said. That's the light blue, like the USB drive bottle above. Ketan showed me the frames, and I liked them, especially the twist on tortoise, with blue in the mix. I also enjoyed the frame names, such as Twisted Grape [purple] and Little Hottie [signature Hard Candy colors of black and hot pink]. The optical frames are $68 and the sunglass frames are $39. The Wedding Crashers frame looked really good.
  • It used to be you couldn't wait to ditch your frames and get lenses, Ketan said. But now frames are a fun fashion accessory. Case in point: Patricia Arquette put her readers on at the Oscars this year when she won. Remember?
  • Ketan gave me beauty tips, since I often wear my reading glasses, and had them on that day. Lenses magnify fine lines, he said. So I like to use a little peach undereye primer. And don't overcoat lashes with mascara. You don't want them to wipe against the lenses like a windshield wiper blade. Also: Make sure your brows are groomed. And then: A lip. A glossy lip or bold lip.
  • I spoke to Tabitha Watkins, Walmart's senior director of optical, who had flown in from her workplace & lab at headquarters in Arkansas. She said W. talked to hundreds of customers in blind focus groups this year in Atlanta and learned that they wanted more eyewear styles and colors. She said W. shoppers like designer accessories that are within reach. They want a Gucci frame because they will never be able to afford a $2000 Gucci bag. [Not that Walmart sells Gucci frames yet.]
  • Before Ketan dashed out, I asked him how long he had been wearing eyeglasses. Since age 10. That makes him a visionary when it comes to style you can see.
  • Before I dashed out to get my ride home from Karim in a black SUV, I talked to Tabitha about the beauty brands sold at W. She mentioned Flower, Drew Barrymore's line. I have to say I bought a concealer by Drew--and fresh asparagus, bananas and bread. Total: $13.44. One-stop shopping for beauty inside and out. This Bergdorf's girl was impressed. Walmart was not on my radar.
Good night to you.

  1. Walked Sug around block.
  2. Skipped boot camp this morning. Needed some time to read NY Times and sleep.
  3. Asparagus with lunch, and spinach salad.
  4. Quick latte with Anne and Elly for Anne's bday.