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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Breath of Fresh Air on the Altar

It happens a lot in the Catholic Church--nuns and priests get moved around to different parishes, and you hate to lose them. When I was in third grade at Saint Mary's, our convent was emptied--the sisters were needed more elsewhere. It felt bad. 

Today at Mass, Father Warren, the weekend assistant, told us he has been moved to Hoboken. People looked sad and said they were sad on the way out of church.

Father Warren is kind to kids and adults, funny and inspiring. I will miss his upbeat spirit.

Good night.

1. Bubble bath.
2. Mass.
3. Got to hang out with my friends Anne and Michael at their open house. They live at 74 Gordonhurst and are moving a couple blocks away, still in Montclair.
4. BBQ at their house this evening. Yummy, and got to see Barbara and other friends.

So Relaxed I Almost Forgot to Blog

1. Relaxing bath w. Jo Malone scent from Sis.
2. Support group.
3. Read, napped, gardened.
4. Watched "Gone Girl" wih H. We had already seen it at movies, but it's brilliant.
5. Bought doughnut peaches to make a NY Times recipe tomorrow.

Friday, July 31, 2015

While the Kittens Are Away--

--the Mother Mouse will sleep. H. at Mets game with friends, Figgy in NYC, Punchy with her Mimi for a weeklong trip to North Carolina! Good night, sweet dreams.

1. Blow-dry and long overdue pedi, done by junior stylist, Halle, and junior nail technician, Lis, at Vamp. The junior prices were $25 and $20, respectively, because they are still training. I love the Coffee Break nail polish by MAC that I brought from home, but in my haste to get the car back to H., I smudged a glossy toenail under the gas pedal. Oh well, at least I had the bottle to fix it. 
2. Walked Sug.
3. Early to bed.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Cleaning Ritual Begins

Strapped on my fitbit [that's a nod to you, Bill and Nan] because all of this cleaning before we hit the road is a workout. Power pals:

1. Viva, my best brand.
2. Caldrea Mandarin Vetiver Countertop Spray. [Moey's mom, Muriel, taught me years ago to get cleaners that smell good to make chores more pleasant.]
3. Lysol Lemon Breeze All Purpose Cleaner.

Talk later. We want to zip to Audubon before we head back to NJ. That's a trick my friend Anne modeled: Build in a reward to get through the housework when leaving Cape.

We are set to come back with H. in August!

Here I go.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Best. Dinner. Ever.

After getting on Nauset Light Beach for free--no $20 daily fee once the clock strikes 5:30--and seeing dozens of sleek black seals swim by near the shoreline, we went to Stewart's Sesfood Restaurant in Eastham after 7. The wait for a table was long and the service a bit slow, but the Lobster Scampi was incredible. Big tender pieces of lazy man's lobster [out of the shell], no skimping, served with slender pasta. Butter, lemon, garlic. Pricey at $27 but well worth it. I cleaned my bowl.

The salads are also excellent, but not as impressed with Punch's deep-fried corn dog and fries. Still, the kids' plates are only $6.

While we waited, shopped a little at Three Sisters, the small shop behind the restaurant. Cute stuff.

Good night.

P.S. I don't want to cause a negative ripple but Punch threw up in middle of night. The other four of us were fine. Maybe skip the corn dog? 

The Cape Cod Love List

Sitting by the window at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow; had to finish an article and send it to my editor, while the little brunette fidgeted on her tablet, eager for Nikki and Anne to show up. Finally handed article in! My friend Anne doing a little work now and then we are off to Great Pond again! Her brilliant idea/bribe was to send Nik and Punch to the Red Balloon Toy Shop a quick walk away to each pick out a toy that costs $10 or less. Inspired!!!!! Gets them off our backs for a bit...we can write in peace.

The Love List:
  1. As always, National Seashore Visitor Center on Route 6. Thank you, President John F. Kennedy for pushing to preserve The National Seashore. Thank you to your family for giving you Hyannis Port so you knew the Cape's beauty. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And at the Visitor Center, I love the auditorium, where Dad, little Figgy and I sat to watch short nature films about how the Cape was shaped by glaciers. I looked for Dad in those seats. Punchy loved the "touch me" box with seashells and skate egg cases. The gift shop at the center is excellent, too; got a book and a DVD of Junior Ranger songs to amuse Punchy. She likes them.
  2. Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. We promptly renewed our annual family membership yesterday. I love that place SOOOOOOOOOOO much. 
  3. The glass window at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow. You can watch the chocolate melting and spinning, the Rice Krispies Treats [available in summer only] getting hand-dunked carefully by a lady.
  4. Reading in bed. Last night I read part of One Thousand Gifts by Mennonite Ann Voskamp. My friend Jean Rose gave it to me over a year ago....I flipped it open and found a chapter that I think will change my life. Seriously. It's about how when things are messy, you look for the beauty in them anyway. And you can't control them; it's God's plan. I got the message: I am not in charge of everything. I like the message.
  5. My parents' glasses. Lined up neatly in the kitchen cupboards, the coupes my mother served fluffy strawberry cream [called fool?] in. The glasses Rite and Bob gave Mom and Dad when they were setting up their Cape Cod house. The tall tumblers that I love to fill with ice-cold water. [For some reason, I don't like drinking the well water up here, so I buy big gallon jugs.]
  6. The little Log Cabin Farm outpost on Route 6 West in Eastham. I don't really stop there, but I love seeing the landmark. And I will never forget the year that Barbara, John and Liam rented a house with the Mernins and Barbara [a chef] stocked up on juicy, fresh Log Cabin Farm jewels and made us the most delicious dinner on the deck ever, including grilled lobster!!!!!
  7. The air, the air, the air. We are on a sandy Cape, buffeted by breezes.....I went to bed hot, in heavy humidity but I think the wet blanket broke at some point in the middle of the night. And we three [Punch, Sug and I] slept peacefully past nine in our quiet space.