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Friday, April 18, 2014

Petite Scribe

Punchy wrote her first book today, called Days on the. Beach. She dictated the story to me and H. It s lovely, and I like her choice  of words, such as sea star rather than starfish. I didn't learn that those words were interchangeable until I was 30, writing copy about making a beachy wreath.

She dedicated the book to Nikki and Figgy and illustrated it with Crayola paints.

At night, we 're reading Pippi Longstocking and loving it.

1. Spinach salad
2. Walk with Sug.
3. Nap on couch.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bigger & Better

Tonight we rented "Big" On Demand and the day ended much better than it began. Night.

I Hate My Life

Pardon my melodrama, starting your day this way. But the first thing I do every morning is pull aside the white bedroom curtain and look out at the long wrought-iron planter on our walkway, which looked so pretty with blue and yellow pansies and blue grape hyacinths spilling over in abundance. 

I cling to things that are beautiful, creative and in place, like the vibrant red and pink geraniums in my sunroom office. Lifeboats in a sea storm, if you will.

This morning, I could see from the second floor that they had been ravaged--not eaten by a deer, but dug up and trimmed by the same little pest who took scissors to her bangs yesterday.

To paraphrase Nora Ephron's mother, what's bad in life is good on paper. So I'm left with a story--about how it feels to upend my life for a fioster child who has now upended my flowers. I'm so mad and sad--and also angry at Fig, whom I paid to watch her last night while I met Bill. It only takes a minute of a teen checking Facebook for a determined little sister to do damage. 

So cranky. There are many things I can't do right but I can do my flowers. And I am mad. Thank you for listening.

Feeling Like a Rutgers Girl Again

Secret stash--my college friend clued me in.
Met Bill Strugger for dinner--he's my friend who was a cub reporter [in cheery yellow slicker on rainy days] when I was a news editor at the Rutgers Daily Targum. He went on to be editor in chief. Now he's a husband, father of three and successful in his career in information technology and services.

Bill lives in nearby Maplewood, and we dined at Costanera in Montclair, a Peruvian restaurant I had never tried but will revisit. The rotisserie chicken with fried plantains was delicious.

Not only will Bill always be my younger friend, but hanging around with him will always make me feel younger, too. And hipper--you should see his cool "Mad Men"-esque eyeglass frames.

We're hoping to get a bunch of our Targum friends together for dinner in May.....

Bill is fit and healthy, but eats a little dark chocolate every day. He clued me in to his internet source: chocosphere, where he orders his favorites, including Columbian Santander 53% cacao bar and coffee dark chocolate bar, as well as Côte d'Or brand Belgian bars. He learned about the latter when his French au pair got care packages from her parents with that chocolate stashed inside. "I don't go for the frou-frou Madison Avenue chocolates," Bill said when I asked if he'd tried Vosges. "Santander is like the Nestlé of Columbia." And he orders large amounts at a time to get the most bang for his shipping buck.

More to discover, always more to discover. I don't know those brands.

Here's to old friends. And to be perfectly honest, to old friends who make me feel like the girl in a blue Shetland wool crewneck and jeans who took notes on a steno pad, lived in a dorm, ate in the dining hall, danced to  "Rosalita" at Saturday-night parties and came back from weekends at home with a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Raisin Bread in her backpack--a gift from her grandmother Alice. It was fun to revisit that girl tonight; she's been hidden inside this 53-year-old foster mom with frizzy hair and low energy. [That's about to change; I got a pretty pink and blue Lilly Pulitzer dress and control-top pantyhose for Easter, and booked a blowout for Friday.]

Good night. 

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked around block with Sug and Punch, played out in sunshine with her friend Oliver.
  3. Logged 11,145 steps today--my fitbit bracelet from Sis vibrates when I hit 10,000. Fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Frivolous Lipstick Log

My lips aren't sealed. I followed the word of Elisabeth Moss all the way to the Barneys beauty counter.
Please scroll to bottom for running lipwear $ubtotal, not counting sales tax.

FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2014:
  • Koh Gen Do "Cinema Quality" Lipstick in Pink Rose, $39, and Lip Gloss in Blush Pink, $25. Made in Japan. Walked 17,000 steps on Friday per my fitbit tracker, including from Dr. B's office to the Port Authority with many stops to browse, etc. Hit Barneys on Madison Avenue because of a Barneys email April 6 titled Mad Men's Golden Girl: Shop Elisabeth Moss' Influencer Picks Now. Quoted the actress who plays Peggy saying, "Obsessed with anything Koh Gen Do and this is the best foundation in the world. Completely addicted." So I got the moisturizing foundation in a tube--not Peggy's beloved bottle, which is too much of an application commitment for me--and then the lip color and gloss was a big investment and I don't plan to make many more big makeup buys any time soon, whether Peggy loves them or not. The word at the Barneys counter, though, was that the "Mad Men" cast loves the line because of the polished cinema finish even on high-definition screens that show every little line.....we'll see how it looks on a Plain Jane like me. 
TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2014:
  • Sephora+Pantone Universe Lipstick in Radiant Orchid [Pantone's color of the year] @ JCPenney in Manhattan Mall, NYC; $18 + tax. Pantone predicts trends so this is of-the-minute. Also has nice vanilla scent. I used to think JCPenney beneath me, but they have a Sephora within the store, so that changed my mind [so did many fashionable JCP TV commercials during the 2014 Oscars broadcast--made me want to venture in].
  • Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick in Dune Rose @ Town and Country Pharmacy, Ridgewood, NJ; $22.50 + tax.
Running subtotal before tax: $104.50.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Night, Sleep Tight

More to come in the morning.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Rested in breezy sunshine on football field after boot camp.
  3. Tracking my fitness pal calories/nutrition.
  4. Raked and filled four huge lawn bags.
  5. Filled my prescriptions.

Palm Sunday

Caught tail end of noon Palm Sunday Mass due to car key mixup for getting Punch to Mo 's Mad Science bday party....thankful that the friendly usher handed me some ripe green palm as I walked in, despite my tardiness...admired grape hyacinths and blue and yellow pansies...baked the Gateau Royale from an Emily Luchetti cookbook for my friend Anne's was simple and elegant and gluten-free for the birthday was like a melty brownie baked in a springform pan in a water bath...topped with shiny chocolate glaze and a pale pink hyacinth from the front garden. Good night, with thoughts of my cousins Linda and Judi.

  1. Did get to church for a bit of quiet contemplation.
  2. Good dental care.