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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Road to Uncle Jackie

My mother was the eldest of her siblings in NYC; her three younger brothers are still living, and Uncle Jackie is the middle brother. For years, I've been wanting to see the brothers, not just at funerals where our Irish family gathers. /Sis and I started w. Uncle Jackie, who lives with his daughter [our cousin Theresa] and her family out on the Island, in Ronkonkoma./When I take my day trip to Southampton every summer, I pass the signs on the L.I.E. for that town. But the Hamptons drive is already so long that I can't do both. Today, Sis and I left Montclair at 10:40 a.m. and arrived home in CT by 8 p.m./It was great to see Uncle Jackie, to hear him talk about the family's heritage, to remember our grandparents and our great aunts and uncles, to get a peek, again, into our mom's family of origin. They lived in a one bedroom apartment. Mom used to tell us they'd spread bacon drippings on bread and think it was a treat. They ate a lot of potatoes. My grandfather was a doorman for some time and worked in the Post Office across from Penn Station. /My mom wouldn't want me to say it, but my grandmother said she often had to "go to the saloon to get his paycheck" before he drank it up. He being the Irishman with the thick brogue and twinkling light blue eyes, the Grandpa we loved, the one who carried a roll of peppermint Lifesavers./When I heard this as a girl, I pictured a saloon with swinging doors, something out of "Gunsmoke."/Uncle Jackie has always been friendly and kind and very, very smart, like my Mom and her other brothers. He had five kids and then went back to school for his law degree. He was a U.S. government attorney--trying customs cases--for many years. He is upbeat and cheerful. My cohort, his son, Stevie, died tragically on a bicycle when I was in sixth grade. Jacki'e's son John died before his time, too. Aunt Mary is gone./But Uncle Jackie is the picture of Irish resiliency and I am so happy we saw him today and whiled away a late June afternoon chatting and laughing. Good night./TCOY
  1. Blueberries w. yogurt and almond extract for breakfast.
  2. Connecting with family and chatting w Sis.
  3. Sis and I walked her sweet dog by the marina; saw a snowy white egret; a mama duck and her ducklings; Canadian geese; a cottontail bunny; and a sherbert sunset.
  4. Had a white peach with cottage cheese tonite.

Monday, June 26, 2017

When Punch Goes Away, the Parents Play

Tonight we watched the first "Rocky" movie on TV. I went to see it on my 17th birthday with my friends, Moey, Debbie and others. Great movie, then and now.

Dan and I also do things like scrub the bathtub [me] and call the IRS to work out our payment plan [him]--the extra mental space powers us on when Punch is on holiday [with her Mimi & Co.] and we know she's having a ball.

I have to go to sleep, though, or I will never get up in time to shower and get to 8 a.m. yoga class. I will just keep resetting my alarm. So, good night.

  1. Treated the rosebushes for aphids, which were eating the leaves into lacy patterns. I also applied fertilizer. Taking care of flowers is taking care of me.
  2. Big salad for lunch. 
  3. Important class tonight. Had to borrow my friend Elaine's car to get there since ours keeps overheating. We addressed wellness this evening--emotional, financial, physical, social, spiritual and more.
  4. Walked Puff around the block.
  5. About to wash my face.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tiny Keypad--and Where's the Mouse?

It's hard to type/write while squinting at this tiny iPhone keypad in bed. Hope to do a proper post tomorrow. Peace.

Getting My Groove Back

New York surprises that lifted my spirits today:
  1. Forcing myself in and out of the shower, putting nice clothes on, dotting on concealer and waving the Chanel black mascara wand, toting my heels and going to the East Village for an article assignment, to check out a shop called Still House and interview the owner---my pen in hand, notebook pages flying. I won't lie--I fell in love with a gossamer gold chain with a single round "Champagne" diamond on it. I put down a deposit and will make payments until it's mine. The key words; minimal jewelry. The necklace was not too very pricey and perhaps I can cherish it as the sparkle that gave me my groove back after days of dark depression.
  2. Getting a quality caffe latte [pictured above] at Abraco  on 7th Street--served warm in a glass, stir in sugar w a spoon. Best ever. Latte riches. I felt like I was in Italy. The Still House owner and jeweler in residence, Urte,, and chic shopgirl. Zoe, steered me there when I asked about a good coffee place.
  3. Seeing "The Big Sick,' a great rom com, w Dan.
  4. We went to Great Jones Cafe on Great Jones Street/. It was Dan's surprise. We hadn't been back since one of our first dates, in 1986/87. We were seated right on top of four handsome younger men transplanted from England, filmmakers and an illustrator, who had us laughing all night--Leo, Sam, Will and Dominick. Leo even ordered a round of bourbon shots to celebrate our second Great Jones date, 31 years later. We were able to do all this---feel our freedom--because Punch's Mimi picked her up today for a week vacay.
    Good night. Sorry for typos; wrote this on 11:45 p.m.#66 bus from NYC.