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Friday, June 22, 2018

Pearl off, Tired Mermaid

That awkward first full day with no school, no camp, no travel, no pool, no sitter--a dangling Friday. Loose ends--but newfound freedom for the children.

Took Punch for long overdue haircut. Got groceries. And had sister/brother pair of friends over for long time. They all played with 3 boys who live on the block. Activities included:

  1. Eating the mini seashell pasta I made for lunch.
  2. Drinking ice water.
  3. Playing in Miles’ backyard, on swing set.
  4. Walking to Bradford School playground.
  5. Playing in ravine behind house.
  6. Walking to grassy island.
  7. In between activities, popping in to say, We’re bored. What can we do?
  8. Having pizza for dinner; the bro/sis don’t eat dairy, so ordered pie w just sauce and bacon for them. Whatever works.
  9. [Punchy] Getting upset that one of the boys got orange soda in her freshly trimmed hair.
  10. Walking to basketball hoop at bottom of block.
  11. [Punchy] Even after 7 hours together--1:30 to 8:30--asking repeatedly for a sleepover w friend before she left.

Oh! Punch and pal noticed the gray-blue dangling pearl ring on my finger and loved it. You look like a mermaid, Punch said.

If only? Or maybe not. I’d be way too tired to swim the high seas.

Good night.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Pearl in My Oyster

I love this slender silver ring with dangling gray-blue pearl. The luminous orb moves when I move, like charms on a bracelet, and feels so feminine.

It was made by Andrea Schettino, an artisan and gifted baker who still lives in my hometown--Dumont, NJ. The small town can tend toward the dull a bit--but of course it’s the people that matter, and some glitter like this lifts it up! I’m a snob, I know. For that I apologize.

I know Andrea and her family from St. Mary’s parish and her older brother, John, was a high school runner with me. 

Andrea’s mom, Sue, volunteered w my mom at the Saint Mary’s School Library and today mother and daughter both came to Montclair to meet me for lunch and a little browsing. 

Sue shared some memories of Mom with me, which I cherish. And her husband, Aniello, had a tiny shop in Dumont where he crafted beautiful silver and gold jewelry, with and without gemstones. I grew into such an accessory lover, starting with my first job as a fashion assistant at a magazine. I can’t believe I did not immerse myself in that mini shop! I don’t know if I ever went in. But my parents watched their pennies much more carefully than I do.

So grateful for lunch today with two lovely women holding a gossamer thread back to my girlhood--to Sunday Mass, the June carnival and more.

They both said to always take pearls off before immersing in dishwater. I ruined a Mikimoto pearl bracelet by NOT doing that. So I took my magical ring off and put it back on after sponge and Palmolive. I hate to take it off for bed, and might not.

Andrea’s website is Treasure chest! Must see!

Good night.


  1. The lunch w Andrea and Sue, and walking around the shops a bit.
  2. Bought a handmade bath fizzy at Dolly Moo.
  3. Ice water.
  4. Applied mascara.
  5. Ate some vegs.
  6. Texted my friend Meggy in Stowe, Vermont. Plan to drive up for a few days when Punch is at sleepaway camp for 2 weeks. I miss Meggy and Vermont.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Restore & Repair

Can’t believe I have to write this whole post again! Just lost it.

Is my moon in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned w Mars? There’s a thread I can see. 

Yesterday I dropped my good fur-trim sweater at Moline Kronberg, the ritzy tailors/cleaners that dates to 1911, to mend underarm holes and clean it. Then I took 3 other sweaters to the more reasonable place in town, where the cost for all 3 combined is half of the Moline bill.

But my fur-trim sweater is everything.

Today I went to upscale Frederic Goodman Jewelers, where we got our engraved gold wedding bands, to drop off my pearl Tin Cup necklace w small garnet birthstone pendant, a gift from Dan years back, for repair. Sug broke the fragile gold chain w her paw when she was wriggling in my arms. This is about the third time I’ve had it fixed, since the delicate chain breaks easily.

Then I stopped at STITCH, that fashion boutique I love, where I resisted a pretty pink pineapple top [$88, but a lot to love] and dropped off the favorite Kenneth Jay Lane earrings I bought there. The owner, Caitlin, has already repaired them once and is trying again. I’m grateful. I wore them constantly.

Earlier this season, beading rock star Mary Marino repaired my gorgeous pearl mala beads, her design, for free.

I don’t know, maybe this is a sign that I’m getting my life in order and fixing broken, beautiful things. That I’m repairing treasures that already exist instead of looking for new ones [well, pink pineapple top aside].

I still have two fancy pairs of Tory Burch sandals to get in to the shoe repair place.

Good night to you.


  1. Walked around block.
  2. Steamed veggies in morning, had some for dinner.
  3. Important reading, writing, reflecting.
  4. Met w wise person to talk, and listen.
  5. Planned short Cape Cod getaway for next week w Dan, Punch, Anne, Michael and Nikki. Yay. Can’t wait. Anne did the legwork.
  6. Ate some fruit.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Too Hot to Handle 

The Montclair school superintendent sent an email blast Sunday advising us to remember water bottles for the kids. I was late getting Punchy’s to her before the bus, so drove over and dropped it at the office. It was frosty and cold.

I hate the heat. And it was so hot today that just waiting on line for a Starbucks decaf iced coffee had me breaking out in a sweat. 

They were out of decaf, and I avoid regular after 5, so no go.

I know it’s beastly hot when jewelry feels like a heavy wool coat. Even my light turquoise leaf earrings were almost too much.

Good night.


  1. Went to dr. for follow-up. Better bloodwork and weight going down.
  2. Invested in multivitamin for women, nurse practitioner’s suggestion.
  3. Turkey burger, no roll, and crunchy pickle.
  4. Dropped off four sweaters for dry cleaning. Closet organized!
  5. I sautéed fresh apricot and white peach wedges in a little salted butter and dark brown sugar.
  6. Important reading, writing and reflecting,