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Friday, July 22, 2016

At Starbucks, to Work in A.C.

We have two window units at home but this heat is debilitating. I heard the mercury may hit 99 today. H. drove me to town so I could work in this coolness; he headed to ShopRite for groceries and the ever-necessary bags of ice.

By the grace of God, our lovely friends invited Punchy to be their guest at the Montclair Beach Club [a pool club established 1931, more exclusive than the town pool we splash in]. Lucky Punch!

Let me get to work, tapping away for Aspire Design and Home about an upscale Manhattan apartment and its lovely furnishings. Here is LINK to one of my articles in the summer issue, about a Swedish designer who redid a Southampton home.

I hope you are also cool now.

The Heat Is On

Another broiling day. But I biked across town to get Punchy at camp [since H. had the car for work] and went in the nice town pool w her and her friend.

So hard to buckle down and work in this heat. I had to take a nap by the AC. Will try to rise early to write an article.

Good night.

1. Ate watermelon, and liked it; spinach, too.
2. Ice water.
3. Read Nancy Drew.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2nd Annual Beach Day w Moey & Lorraine

Gorgeous day, ocean so warm and clear I didn't want to get out. Then Lorraine, Moey and I had world's best dinner outdoors at SeaGrass on Main Avenue--was tipped off to the place by Linda, who used to live in Montclair and now divides her time between Ocean Grove and NYC. We met in the sea today!

Friends since our Saint Mary's days.

Victorian gingerbread in the Grove.

We left the beach at 6:55, nice and late.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How It Went When I Put My iPhone Down at Bedtime

It didn't go well, the first night of not cradling my iPhone in bed for one last long scroll before I went to sleep.

I went to bed by 11:15ish and couldn't fall asleep until 4 a.m. I read a couple enjoyable chapters of the Nancy Drew The Clue of the Tapping Heels that I got from the library when I took Punch there Friday. Love reading about Nancy, Bess, George, the convertible, River Heights and the repeated use of the term young sleuth.

I texted good night to Fig and Sis [and my editor, who had texted] before I went up to bed. I sent a long work email to schedule an in-person interview for tomorrow. But I tossed and turned in bed. I guess it's like any other withdrawal. I wanted to check my email to see if there were work replies. I wanted to google some celebrity, but now I forget which one, after 4 short hours of sleep. [Alarm went off 8 a.m. for Harry Potter camp.]

I started wondering if this divorced dad I know in town--whom Punch and I saw at the steering wheel on our amble back from the pool at 8 p.m. last night--was heading out on a date in that nice blue collared shirt and polished car. How was the pool? he asked us. I had our towels swung around my neck.

Then, I reviewed several months of the relationship I had with someone before I met H. The memory reel was repetitive and crazy. In my mind, I surfed through the restaurant dates, the comments made, his shorts, the visits to my Ocean Grove apartment, the road trips, the phone calls, the icy comment his mother made upon meeting me, the flowers he brought to my grandmother on Easter, the little old lady we drove to Mass once. The big red heart box of valentine chocolates, the heartfelt letters I wrote and cannot retrieve, the odd way he broke up with me.

Then H. rolled over onto his stomach and I felt his knee near me, and that brought me comfort.

Then I decided I was hungry. But there was nothing to eat except cold Chinese shrimp and rice and some crackers with butter and a little peanut butter and a glass of milk, so I had all that, sitting alone under the pendant lamp in a darkened neighborhood, thinking that my neighbors could look in and see me if they wanted to, sitting alone in the breakfast nook. Conscious that I did feel hungry, was not not just trying to fill a spiritual emptiness.

Then, lo and behold, I went to open the stuck window in the dining room to let the breeze in overnight and there was the pack of dark chocolate mint Ghirardelli squares I bought before a July Fourth party for Punchy. I had four of those while watching Lesley Stahl talk on TV about her new book about being a grandmother; interesting.

I finally fell asleep.

Today is a long-planned day with Moey and Lorraine at the beach. We have been friends since our ages were single digits.

I may have also been anxious about my work deadlines.

Does my iPhone really protect me from all that, like a soothing bedtime story?

Have a good day.

Change Afoot

I'm going to try to put my iPhone away when I get into bed at nite. I use it for my wake-up alarm, so it's a little tricky. It will be nearby. I've also gotten used to having it on my nightstand in case someone [Figgy, Sis] needs me; we no longer have a land line.

I don't really need to check email, Facebook and Instagram before I turn the lights out, though that's exactly what I have been doing. I'd rather read a book. But such is the compelling urge of always being able to be connected.

This will change my blogging. Right now I'm on the couch, but so many nights, I've blogged in bed. This can't be healthy.

I like it better when I blog on my laptop, anyway--the better to insert live links, photos, captions and text colors.

Good night, all-consuming internet.