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Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 18: Good Night, Snow Globe 

Day 17: Working Hard at Desk, Shoulder Wings Tired

Good news: I took a pretty walk in the snow, 40 minutes round trip to town and back. I plan to start walking every day again. I did break into the bag of Java Love dark chocolate covered espresso beans that I bought for Chaiya for Christmas, but not in a crazy way. I will get him a new bag. Good night.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Day 15: Wild & Scattered Holiday Treating or One Fruitcake Leaping

From my iPhone notes today:

Drove Lex to school so we could both sleep a little later. Stopped at Whole Foods on way home. I had not eaten breakfast yet. So I had 2 full cookies and 2 crackers w upscale cheese and jam from the sampling tables.

I Christmas shopped while there—gifts for Figgy and Sis. And a Pacifica brand blue mascara to perk up my eyes.

I bought lots of healthy stuff, including Bosc pears, blackberries, Ezekiel bread, butternut squash, rotisserie chicken, bananas, nuts, local honey,  grass-fed milk....but a small Christmas fruitcake loaf leapt into my cart, as did a pint of famous Graeter’s #Frenchpot ice cream from Cincinnati.

Before I left, I sat at the counter and ate 3/4 of a large beef and rice burrito from the hot bar. It was nearly lunchtime.

I drive right past Williams-Sonoma on my way home, so I stopped in for two special gifts, which I had wrapped. I also snagged sweet stocking stuffers [vegan gummy stars for Fig and soft pumpkin.caramels for Punch], plus a package of Georgetown Cupcake Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake Mix and a little jar of red candy hearts to top baked goods [both on sale]. I treated myself to something big: A cheerful retro Santa cookie jar, 20 percent off.

I have since eaten about 5 of the wrapped caramels, a couple spoons Vegan Divas chocolate cake, free cup of coffee at W-S, 3 spoons melting ice cream, small slice said fruitcake, a little chicken.... I have to get to my desk to write about a remarkable brain surgeon for Neurology Now. 

Wish me luck. More later.

Now it's later, and I didn't write the brain surgeon feature yet. But I have my ducks in a row. Good night. I hope I don't eat like this tomorrow. I did have a redeeming dinner: Delicious baked yam with Irish butter and salt; rotisserie chicken; nice helping of sautéed spinach.

These are tricky, tricky waters, these weeks before Christmas. So: Is this what my therapist meant when he suggested I avoid the holiday party Saturday, with all the treats? That if I started, it would be hard to stop? And nutrition angel Rachael says "Grazing leads to grazing." 

Good night.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 14, Be Present

Jarring start to day--pipe bomb explosion in subway under Port Authority/Times Square. Minor injuries., just a handful of people hurt....but why do people hate us so much, cook up schemes like this? Damn.

But we are New York. [I can proudly say that from New Jersey--New York is our city, too.] And we won't back down.

Dan and Punch got our tree tonight over at the Montclair Beach Club, where the parking lot gives way to Fred's Christmas Trees every year. Figgy grumbling about alternate Christmas plans instead of driving 450 miles to Maine with us, her calm, cool family--not.. I feel sad when I hear that.

I did some gift shopping--at Pink Bungalow on Bellevue Avenue. If you show the email they sent on your phone, save $25 on purchase of $125 or more. I got several gifts for teachers and friends and Figgy and some beautiful glittery Caspari ribbon for wrapping packages. I also met my friend Anne for coffee at Marcel Kitchen on Valley. Good to connect quietly and sip coffee even as the holiday shopping and commitments loom ahead.

Good night, must rest. Dan flies to Seattle early in the morning to work at holiday party there!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day 13*: Nice List

Nobody ever said it would be easy to sidestep the blizzard of holiday treats this season. I'm holding my own for the most part. But I gave in to the rich, moist Magic Bars my friend brought to the party last night and ate a few of the dark chocolate dipped marshmallows rolled in candy cane crunch that our hosts made. But here is what I have been doing right over the past hours, days, weeks, months:
  1. Take a seat at the table and be still. Been trying not to eat standing up. When I pull up a chair, turn off the radio talk show or Christmas music and definitely don't eat on the couch in front of the TV,  I am more accountable to myself and I eat less.
  2. Do not buy store-bought goodies.  It's hard in the face of those peppermint fudge sandwich cookies, Italian Baci candy wrapped in blue and silver foil, loaded Christmas bark, eggnog ice cream, mini mousse cakes. For the most part, I left them behind. Except: 99 cent bag of wrapped mini dark chocolate PB cups from Trader Joe's. I bought myself a different kind of treat: a Christmas cactus to plant in my Dad's pretty yellow planter. It was $2.99.
  3. Go fishing. Thanks to my friend and nutrition coach Rachael, this was at the top of my list. I need protein to stabilize and not go crazy grabbing sweets. I got smoked mackerel and lox.
  4. Focus on the words, not the onion dip. This lesson has taken a lifetime to learn, and I'm still learning. Ever since girlhood, I've been excited about the treats at events--the Cheez Doodles at the Brownies Father/Daughter Dance, the cupcakes at a Saint Mary's bake sale, the donuts my uncle brought, the bakery birthday cakes for Dad's Aunt Tessie's bday. Last night, I tried to focus on the conversations with people, not the chips and dip and layer cake. I was successful until around 11:30. I probably should have gone home [Dan and I had walked to our friends', just four houses away], but we stayed to talk until 2 a.m. Simply put, I needed fuel to remain alert and awake. I could have brought coffee, I guess.....other people were drinking goblets of wine until the wee hours.
  5. Eat Ezekiel toast and almond butter. I keep the sprouted grain kind in the freezer. It keeps your blood sugar level; no white-bread rise and fall.  I make sure I have almond butter or good PB.
Please tell me your tips at this tempting time of year. Good night to you.

*I hardly ever skip a day of posting here, but we got back from the party after 2 a.m. So this is Day 13 of [again] trying to eat more healthfully.