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Friday, January 20, 2017

Marching Orders

We have to get Punch to indoor soccer at 8:15 tomorrow. In late morning, she and I are taking the bus in for the NY women's march. We're meeting Sis at Grand Central Station. Fig not going because she has to be at work and can't be late. We are meeting up w Nikki and Michael, too, if all goes well.

Had a great day w Amy, my editor at Aspire Design & Home. She came to Montclair to take me and two of her other writers out to early lunch [11 a.m.] at Raymond's. Then Amy and I hit some great shops on Church Street. Loved #20 Church, next to American Sampler,, especially a tray of gold and amethyst rings from the late 1950s. I made a small payment to put one on layaway. It is elegant and beautiful. Before we knew it, it was 3:30.

Good night. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reporting in from the Waldorf

Ah, great birthday present from me to me. Secluded, soothing space in the Towers, paraffin booties, soft music. Immersion. Indian frankincense bath salts from Sparitual* on my wish list. Thank you, Rodica, for doing a gentle and impeccable pedicure. I feel renewed. Just don't want to put my Wolford tights back on and risk smearing the glossy garnet color--which I chose because that is my birthstone.

I guess a part of me wishes every day could be like this.

*Rodica and I said we both love taking baths, especially at bedtime, and she showed me the bath salts. They smell so good, but no jars to buy. Future precious commodity.

Burning Candle at Both Ends

Up working late....but tomorrow, I play in NYC with my birthday is Saturday, but we are planning to do the New York women's march that day. [Not to be morbid, but--our mother died from cancer when she was 56. I am turning 56. When Sis turned that age, we were keenly aware of its significance. It feels momentous. And I feel so much younger than my mother seemed to me at this age.]

A while back, I received an email offer for 25 percent discount at the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria if you prebooked that day. So I'm getting a fancy pedicure, then meeting Sis for light lunch and then a chocolate treat at La Maison du Chocolat on Madison Avenue.

I better get to sleep!

Good night.

  1. Hard but important appointment with H. I am trying. We both are.
  2. Hot tea.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reset: Day 1 No Sweets [Except Planning a Birthday Dessert This Thursday and Saturday]

 Primrose vs. peppermint patties: The plant was on sale at ShopRite today for $1.79.
 The Nilla Wafers [had a coupon for $1.15 off the $3.99 box] are in the milkbox on the stoop so girls can have them but they are not in close reach for me. This generally works, except the time a raccoon helped herself to the Girl Scout  peanut butter Tagalongs placed there.
  1. Date balls rolled in shredded coconut.
  2. Whole-grain tortillas to toast and have with:
  3. Hummus, or
  4. Melted cheese, for a quesadilla.
  5. Cabot plain low-fat Greek yogurt to top with:
  6. Fresh blueberries and:
  7. Sliced almonds, excellent toasted.
I have to get to my desk and work! Thanks for listening and caring.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sweetening the Pot/Torturing the Mom

Not sure how to live with these people. Figgy brought in a standard-size pack of peanut butter Oreos and H. got Punchy an individual three-pack of Hostess Ho Hos--the only unhealthy food he bought in a big grocery trip tonight.

Hello! I can't co-exist with these temptations in my home. I don't know what the answer is. I put the Oreos out in the old metal milkbox on our stoop--after eating five. And when Punch daintily ate 2 of the 3 smallish Ho Hos and left one on the kitchen table, I ate it right it up. You snooze, you lose.

I need substitutes at the ready....but my quandary is, should I allow myself a little good quality dark chocolate, or not? I truly do crave it.

But what happened with the Oreos is that soon enough, I wanted more sugar....raspberry jam, raisins, etc......all we really had.....if we had other sweets, they would have vanished quickly....

I don't know what an alcoholic would do if someone brought wine or liquor into the house....I guess she/he would not take a sip. Could not take a sip.


Good night.

  1. Went for a walk with Moey this morning!
  2. Reading a helpful workbook.
  3. Planning on 8 a.m. yoga tomorrow.
  4. Had a bowl of yogurt with chopped Lady Alice apple, pecans and a scattering of mini chocolate chips.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Rest & Restore

Although we cherish and adore Punchy, it is restful when she visits her Mimi. Today, we talk a walk in the park before sunset with Sug--who was thrilled, tail up proudly the whole time, sniffing new territory as we wound around the path.

We also rested, watched "Meet the Press," the new HBO series "The Young Pope" with Jude Law and Diane Keaton and had pasta and sauce in the kitchen w Figgy. 

H. is a smart shopper, especially when we are in between paychecks, like now. It seems impossible, but he dashed into ShopRite and emerged with a warm loaf of Italian bread, a quart of whole milk [both ShopRite brand], a box of pasta and two bananas for under $5.

Praying for guidance, trust, acceptance, patience, wisdom, the right thing, grace, health and peace.

Good night.

  1. Joe's monthly restorative yoga class!
  2. The walk in park.
  3. The broccoli at dinner.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Of Thin Mints & Lady Alice Apples

Girl Scout cookie sales kicked off today--we had to sign to say no selling before Jan. 14. Little Miss was eager to start and sold 25 boxes in about 30 min on our block! An adult must go with her; I did.

Mimi and Poppy picked her up for a couple days. Yay, rest and recharge here.

Glad I got to yoga and my support group this morning. And just ate a crisp, delicious Lady Alice apple, on sale at Whole Foods; they are full size, not little lady apples.

Good night.