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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Allure of the Beauty Salon

Kerri Lynn trimming Punchy's hair yesterday after school.
Perfecting the look at House of DeCicco Salon in Ridgewood.
Feeling like a new person.
Kerri Lynn used to work at Vamp, and did my weekly blowouts for a long time. Vamp doesn't do kids, so she kindly came to our house with her comb and scissors to cut Punchy's hair starting last fall. Punch was instantly enthralled by her long blonde hair, glittery jewelry and fun personality.

Then Kerri Lynn moved on to House of DeCicco in Ridgewood, about 35 minutes away. Too far for my weekly blowouts, but Punch and I still follow the road to Kerri for the little one's haircuts. That's a long way to go for a haircut, H. said. But I know in my heart that constants in Punch's life mean a lot. You can't put a price on them--so I'm willing to make the drive. In fact, I already booked her next haircut for a Saturday in December so she'll be ready for Christmas!

It's a pretty place with dreamy chandeliers and treats on glass pedestals under glass domes. [Yesterday, Punch and I each had a piece of donut.]

I need to get some rest now--Punchy is with her grandma for the weekend, and I'm leaving by 5:45 a.m. with Pats & co. to watch my friends compete in the annual Men's Health Urbanathlon race/obstacle course starting at Citi Field in Queens @ 8 o'clock. Go friends!!!! 17 of them, wearing blue [women] and green [men] shirts emblazoned in the back with Patsy's slogan: GO HARD OR GO HOME. These people are my idols, in more ways than one.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked Sug around block.
  3. Salon blowout [biked there, no car].
  4. Important phone chat with Jane.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Sis and H.'s Bro Nourish Us on a Crisp Autumn Eve

Sis and Don sent H. salmon and wine for his September birthday and H.'s good brother Mike shipped a big box of red apples from Maine that arrived yesterday!!! [He packed them carefully himself.] Thank you, Sis and Mike--for the delicious foods we ate this evening, and the TLC. xoxoxoxo

Good night.

  1. Read Style Section of NY Times.
  2. Rested.
  3. Ate a rainbow of raw pepper strips with hummus--was trying for healthy after-school snack for Punch. She ate a couple.
  4. Salmon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Technology Exceeds the Speed Limit

Sisters at cabin we rented in Maine, July 2014.
It's amazing. Little foster sister begs to do FaceTime on my iPhone with Figgy. We're in our bedroom, ready to read an African fairy tale about a princess known for her beautiful hair, and Fig is in her nice NYC apartment with her two roommates--all three full-time college students.

It's pouring outside our windows. And just like that, the two can visit sister to sister. The little one, in her PJs, can ask to see all three roomies and their rooms, plus the salad one of them is eating. Fig can appear in her flannel shirt, hair in a bun ,and ask to see her "puppy," who is lying exhausted in a heap and actually 10 1/2 years old. This is worlds different from the late 1970s, when Sis was in the Peace Corps in Western Samoa and I was a high school junior, taping Uncle Anthony at our Quaker-lace-topped dining room table and mailing the slim cassette off to the island.

Likewise, I can click on the Barneys New York website Tuesday morning to order a pristine white tube of Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Facial Wash* [made in Japan] and it can arrive at my doorstep the next morning with free ground shopping. Just in time to cleanse and pamper my tired skin.

Technology can be dangerous--in terms of oversaturation, social pressure and pedophiles--but it can be downright miraculous, too. 

Good night.

1. Worked hard.
2. Washed face, applied moisturizer, going to sleep. 

*It's expensive, $45 per tube. But the sales associate at the counter on Barneys beauty floor said she uses it and her skin was GORGEOUS. Plus, you need just a tiny squiggle to lather up your whole face. My first tube has lasted for months. Perhaps because I don't wash my face as often as I should, but when I do, it feels soft and pampered.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Test Tube Baby" Learns New Skill Set

"Pharmaceutical tour guides" at Lederle Laboratories in Pearl River, NY. My parents met in a carpool from NYC; it was the late 1940s, and both were chemists. They were not pharmaceutical tour guides. But as I try to master science writing, I'm thinking of them. Thankful to and this LINK to the old postcard shown above.
Pushing myself forward--to learn a new set of writing and editing skills, involving science and health. It's challenging--yet fun.

New tools in the toolbox, not just the old hammer and screwdriver, the nails and the screws. Yes, I can grow and stretch, and it feels good. To not just master words to make you want to bake a billowy lemon meringue pie or buy a persimmon bed cover. Turns out I can also hone words like "stroke risk" and "hypertension" and "findings" to help you [and me] live a better life. I can be factual vs. frothy.

I have to go to sleep now and rise at 6 for more writing and editing. Please wish me luck. Good night.

  1. Doctor appt.
  2. Sunk into a very restful afternoon nap on living room couch, to recharge my brain.
  3. Private Benjamin. Helpful.
  4. H. made a nice platter of local mozzarella with tomatoes and basil from his garden. The only part Punchy liked was the cheese, which she kept swiping before he got it to the table :) We didn't have Italian bread to sweep through the olive oil on the platter tonight; she likes that, too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Working Hard

Working more efficiently in newly organized office! Also went to boot camp and made vegetarian chili and corn muffins with Punch (replaced half the whole milk with creamy, farm-fresh buttermilk from a glass bottle). Good night to you. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good Lavender Bath Night

1. Support group. Got lost, was late, but caught some!
2. Mass with Punchy. Liked the music.
3. Raked leaves. Felt good.
4. Nap.
5. Made Italian Cream Pudding; if you google it, the recipe that uses Polly-O Ricotta comes up. Purée in blender, pour into little glasses or cups. Yum. Nursery food. I used regular half and half and Crown maple sugar, which is very expensive at Whole Foods but delectable in desserts. 
6. Saw our friends.
7. Lavender bath.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pancakes & Pals

We were up early for the annual Nishuane pancake breakfast. The dads are cooking fluffy cakes on grills back by the playground. The aprons say "I flip for Nishuane." The syrup is organic pure maple (though a mom at my table said she prefers Aunt Jemina). Other dads and moms bustling about to prep, clean, run an outdoor obstacle course or the Scholastic Book Fair. H. signed up to do coffee and has also done two store runs, first for half and half and the next for maple syrup. I've been trailing Punch the whole time. Above, Punchy in her element on the obstacle course with a little friend she has taken under her wing all morning. :) Sweet as syrup to see.