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Saturday, December 3, 2016

And the Party Season Begins

Yay, H. wasnt working at a party tonite, so we could go together to Susan and Joe's annual holiday celebration. Sightings: Susan's pretty Swiss-Miss mom, Alice, in her floor-length red Christmas skirt; the big round wood cheese board, with salami and Brie; wines aflowing; comfy couch by the fire; Christmas music; hot apps; happy people; stylish tights; pretty hairstyles; a fire pit out back; the glittering NYC skyline at our feet.  

Good night.

  1. Went to 11:15 yoga class! Lots of down dogs plus pigeon, warrior, tree.
  2. Ate a little raw red pepper.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Energy of New York City

Took a brisk walk through SoHo for a fashion writing assignment.
Rag & Bone on Mercer Street.
I like the fresh orange boot.
Quick lunch at Maman Tribeca, where the check arrives in a French book.
The dishes are blue and white and beautiful.
  1. Made a smoothie with frozen banana, natural PB, milk and unsweetened cocoa powder from La Maison du Chocolat--the deepest, darkest, purest cocoa. "Gorgeous" cocoa, as Nigella Lawson would say in How to Be a Domestic Goddess. 
  2. It was invigorating to walk around SoHo and Tribeca--before hopping subway to Port Authority and catching 2:30 bus back to suburbia and all that life entails.
  3. Washed my face w Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap [liquid].
  4. Got some lavender bath salts at Follain, a pretty store in SoHo to keep me and Figgy calm this holiday season. We both like taking baths. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow

It's pouring now but the forecast calls for sunshine tomorrow....and I'm heading into SoHo for another fashion blog writing assignment. Looking forward.

  1. Haircut by Danielle at Vamp. She is known for giving such good cuts that you don't have to go very often. Felt taken care of. My next appt. is March 16. 
  2. Went to birthday lunch for Heidi, a dear friend from boot camp. She is pretty and powerful. So good to see the big boot camp gang. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant on Bloomfield Avenue.
  3. Going to sleep to get up for 8 a.m. yoga class.
  4. Good dental care.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good Night, Peace

  1. Gentle yoga class taught by Tonia! Lovely, with rain pelting against roof and us sheltered inside. Liked gate, tree and warrior poses.
  2. Bought a pink Christmas cactus and planted a candy-cane striped amaryllis bulb in my pretty cachepot.
  3. About to shower and go to bed.
  4. Scheduled dr. appt.
  5. Private Benjamin appt.

Officially Started My Christmas Shopping

I probably shouldn't be starting the shopping because we still need to replace the rear brake pad[s?] on our car and make more payments to the dentists and heating oil company...but I couldn't resist. I like starting to fill Santa's sack.

Punch and I dashed to the bank before it closed at 5, and that left me time to get a little something for Figgy and Sis before another shop closed, plus a really nice Christmas card for H. and another for a special pal.

Then Punch begged to go into the Learning Express toy store, and I was pleased to see a toy collection box there. A Girl Scout troop is collecting for a women's and children's shelter in Paterson. I got one of those cute "My First Purse" gifts, in purple and pink plush, for ages 2 and up.

I've always loved Toys for Tots collections and the Giving Tree at church, where you choose a tag or two and get what's requested, from gloves to toys. I also took the opportunity to talk to Punch about how hard it would be to live in a shelter.

Good night. Let the season begin.

  1. Worked. Kind of fun, must admit. But get back to me in the next few days, when I''m buried in copy about corkscrews and lemon reamers again. 
  2. H. made really good sole for supper. Had with Brussels sprouts.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday in Montclair

 The view from our backyard. We raked a lot this weekend.
 Directly above: Punchy and baby neighbor. 

Above that: Advent wreath making--with a new friend Punch met at Mass last week--from 4 to 6 p.m., with carols and pizza, at Saint Cassian Parish. Advent wakes us up, lights the darkness on the way to Christmas Day. You start four Sundays before Christmas [tonight] and light a purple candle. Sunday #2, light 2 purples. Sunday #3, light 3 purples. Sunday #4, light all purples and the pink. The Sunday after that is December 25. The Advent wreath is not typically a hat, but Punchy wore it for a short while. That's what comes from living with nonconformists like H. and Figgy, I guess.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Big Screen: Nocturnal Animals

Amy Adams plays Susan in "Nocturnal Animals." Look at that style.
Photo from THIS LINK.
Jake Gyllenhaal as Edward, Susan's ex-husband, who sends
her his thriller [novel] manuscript to read. The story is riveting--and dark.
Photo from THIS LINK.

H. said I'd love this movie. He was right. "Nocturnal Animals" was so good. We saw the 10 p.m. showing last night. Dark, suspenseful, chic, writerly, fashionable, gripping. Glamorous. Spike heels, black leather, statement jewelry, auburn hair. The home design is striking and mysterious, too. Wow. Directed by Tom Ford, the fashion designer who was creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and has his own fashion label.

High five:
  1. Susan's wardrobe. And her lashes, the long, noir, perfectly separated lashes.The lacquered black fingernails, which made me think I might consider a black nail polish sometime, too. It looked chic and glossy. Impeccable, on the edge. [Just read about black lipstick trending; Figgy and Florida Orange have worn that. I cannot embrace that.] The dresses, the pumps, the earrings and necklaces here. Oh, and that striking curtain of flawless red hair practically plays a leading role. After the credits, a whole list of "Special thanks to" style company names rolled, including Bulgari, Cartier and many more I can't recall. More power to the fashion people.
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal. Not only is he deeply handsome but his acting is moving--gut-wrenching pain, pure fear. The plot pivots between the story line of the novel Edward wrote, which Susan is reading while her philandering second husband is away, and Susan's life, past [with young Edward] and present.
  3. The home design. Walls of windows, always an asset in a thriller; modern kitchen; stylish furniture; sleek bathtub.
  4. The Texas detective. Michael Shannon's performance is a gift. I loved every single word of dialogue he uttered.
  5. The villains in Edward's story. They sure are menacing. You sure would not want to meet them on a West Texas road in the inky dark night where there's no cell service and you are driving your black Mercedes with your pretty wife next to you and your pretty teen daughter in the back seat. Disturbing scenes.
I just realized 2 days late that I forgot to list Laura Linney! She is superb as Susan's wealthy mother, who doesn't particularly embrace the idea of her debutante daughter marrying a struggling writer. Everything about her jewel-box role is perfection. Cutting and to the point. Small in terms of minutes onscreen, huge in terms of impact. Unforgettable.

  1. Went to my support group this morning. I was up til 2 a.m., and wanted to sleep at 9 a.m., but so glad I got there. My friend was there, and we went to Java Love for coffee after. It was so good to catch up. I had freedom and flexibility because Punchy is down at her Mimi's until midday tomorrow. My friend and I talked about getting to an evening Joga class together.
  2. Made Giada's butternut-sage soup again. Took me a while, But it tasted good. And since I replaced the 2 T of butter with 2 T of olive oil, it is vegan for Figgy. We ate it with a warmed loaf of formed ciabatta from Gina's Bakery on Walnut Street in Montclair.
  3. Turkey sandwich. Yum.
  4. Nap.
  5. Burning the lovely jasmine Tory Burch candle I bought yesterday--Black Friday at Garden State Plaza.