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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tonight I toured a striking apartment in a high-rise in Fort Lee, a block from the great gray George Washington Bridge.

I was interviewing the apartment owner, a sparkly, chic woman who happens to be blind but still knows her way around everything in the place [her blindness was progressive, and she has lived in the apt. for years]. She knows exactly what color every vase and pillow and bowl is, what the texture of the walls are, what the lighting fixtures are like, because she picked it all out carefully with the very talented interior designer [who was also there]. The apartment owner chose based on touch and the designer's vivid descriptions. I'm writing a decorating story about it. They have quite a relationship--client to designer and friend to friend.

What a lovely living space. It really makes me want to streamline my life. To clean my office. To live a different way.

I just don't know if it's possible. Or rather, if it's something I am willing to work hard to change and maintain. Is it in my genetic code?

Good night.

  1. Committed to ride my bike daily [Hurricane Irene permitting] every day till the Battle Against Hunger ride I'm doing in early September. Squeezed in 15-minute ride before leaving for apartment tour.
  2. Took care of my work; more to come.
  3. Tall ice water in car.
  4. A few servings of fresh vegs.

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