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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Driver

Sis and Don came to get me by 10 A.M. and we drove 3+ hrs. to see dear Aunt Edith and cousins Linda and Judi in South Jersey. Shore traffic was bad both ways, and that's why it took so long! Didn't get home till nearly 10 P.M., and then Sis took the wheel and drove another hour home to Connecticut after that.

We all miss the Garbarini brothers: Dad, Aldo and Anthony. We reminisced about them, my brothers and our grandmother. We had delicious deli sandwiches with prosciutto; olives; pasta salad; sweet cold watermelon; fabulous cannoli cake; and perfect bakery cookies Sis brought in a white cardboard box from the old-fashioned Italian bakery near her home. Then: sun-ripened figs from the tree in Judi and Mike's backyard! We drove back past garden centers and blueberry country. The land is fertile down there.

My sparkly cousin Judi is undergoing chemotherapy. I hugged her every chance I got. She is bubbly and brave. 

We will see her for laughs and lunch again soon.

She is a blonde, blue-eyed warrior, ready to conquer. And her family, and her sister Linda, are helping strengthen her shield.

Good night.


  1. Thank you all for making the trip. Next time we'll go north to you. We love seeing you! Linny

  2. Dear Lin, It was our great pleasure to see you all, it really was. Love you. Love, al