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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Article Archive: Check My New Guide to Disney World on

Check the link below for Destination Guide: Walt Disney World, which I reported for

I know what you're thinking: One minute she's writing about decadent Godiva truffles, and the next about staying on Plan at Disney World, skipping the French-fry basket in favor of the fruit and yogurt plate. What can I say? My life is a paradox. Thank you for bearing with me.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp--and we boxed a lot today. Kind of cool.
  2. Walked Sug around block once.
  3. Pruned yellow dahlia.
  4. Good tooth care.
  5. Got beef brisket sandwich but without the fries.
  6. Had one of my prepacked containers of trail mix.


  1. Great article... it really is too bad that they didn't send you there for first hand research!!!! But the expert way it was written makes it sound as if it all came from personal experience. Love, Linda

  2. Lin, thank you....well, I did go on a press trip once to Disney World, when Figgy was just shy of 5 and I was working at Sesame Street Parents I did have some point of reference...will email you and Judi, we have to set a date. will call Judi soon. love, alice xoxo

  3. My girl loves WDW more than any place in the world. Me, not so much. But your article reminded me it can be fun, especially during the end of winter doldrums in February...

  4. Hi sweet that your girl loves it so much, and that you take her there! It must be really magical for her--or just pure fun. At nearly age 5, Figgy was in her Tinkerbell phase, and we brought her costume, and she wore it. It was a rainy night, and people asked her to wave her wand and make a wish for them. I guess many people really think wishes come true there, even if doled out by a little Jersey gir. Thank you for the note. :)