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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Did My Best

I cycled 30 or more miles today. I don't have a mileage tracker on my handlebar like Sally and Pat do, but want to get one.

Right now butt hurts, shoulders ache, dying to take warm bath and sleep. And I do not smell like a daisy.

Enjoyed pedaling through Amish Country--candy onions for sale, Amish girls with fresh apple cheeks walking along the road--and today my friend Anne switched off with her husband and rode a leg of the journey with me...about 14 miles.

I almost got hit by a speeding motorcycle at one point, but was spared. There's the juxtaposition of technology and the simpler Amish life.

Hard work, felt good. Hot, arms glistening with sweat, huge hills. Pump, pump, pump, propel yourself up. Did have to walk my bike midway up a few monsters. Am proud. Our friend John down the block rode 100 miles today!!!

Good night.

  1. Bought rainbow chard and tofu to make tomorrow.


  1. Hi Al. You should be proud!!! Wow. I don't think that I could even bike around the block! Great job. Love, Lin

  2. Thanks, Lin! Sis says the same thing, that she couldn't bike, but did you know that she takes a spinning class a couple times a week? and you use that exercise equipment at home! i hope all is well. love alice