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Friday, September 21, 2012

Shoulders Hunched

Must get to sleep. Up working late on writing deadline and setting alarm for 6:30 to get Figgy up so she has time to ride her bike to school like she did today.

I had a rough day, really low, but from there I think I can redeem myself. Pull myself up by the bootstraps, get out of the gutter of struggling.

Good night.

  1. Biked to Private Benjamin appt. [met H. there].
  2. Journaled....after time spent in gutter [please see black type above]. I think it helped. I hope it will....realized how sick I am, how much help I need, how much strength it will take to get better, and how I have to let God/Higher Power help me. Cannot do it alone. [This all has to do with overeating.]
  3. Listened to Saw Doctors music--Irish rock band, love them, especially song called "N17.". From County Galway, where my grandfather was from!
  4. Spoke clearly.
  5. Bought two pretty flowering plants to nurture my soul.
  6. Watered the garden.

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