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Monday, October 15, 2012

rough waters

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find me a paddle, or a prayer. choppy waters in my sea.

things churning inside me. iceberg slicing through calm.

fear, anger, rage, disappointment, dismay, frustration, exhaustion, failure, hopelessness, worthlessness, envy, self-hatred, self-doubt.

to use ocean metaphor, the waves are getting too big and too ruthless. i can't seem to keep my eye on the horizon. the tide is changing. 

and this time, it's about me.

not asking for your sympathy, but i do appreciate your ear.

good night.

  1. boot camp in the park.
  2. made big spinach salad.
  3. about to call a friend...
  4. then wash my hair.....
  5. then read in bed.


  1. Just want to remind you we are here, even as the iceberg looms...

  2. Nan....thank you for being there and for caring.....alice

  3. There are days like this Alice, so hang in there!
    Me thinks a bit of shopping with a friend and a nice luncheon might just help! Be sure to order a nice dessert!
    Chocolate might be in order or a new haircut (or a nice pair of shoes!).
    Sending you good thoughts,

  4. Noelle, thank you for being there and for the good thoughts :) alice