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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Head for the Hills

School is closed tomorrow for Columbus Day, and my friend Elly cooked up an overnight getaway to an Appalachian Mountain Club [AMC] lodge in Blairstown, NJ, Delaware Water Gap area. It's a brief girls' trip, the price is right, and Elly even had us all sign on for meals for the two days, since there's a kitchen.

In my ongoing effort to take the Private Benjamin advice to bake dinners, not sweets, I made a recipe for spinach quiche with smoked Gouda, and used whole-grain pastry flour in the crust. As I sauteed the greens, I thought--it does feel pretty good to be making something nutritious rather than giant chocolate-chip cookies, even though they might be loaded with toasted coconut, the finest dark chocolate chunks and sweet butter, and filling my heart with joy. I am a dessert writer and baker from way back when, and this fetish/hobby/love/passion is not going to retreat gracefully and without a fight. I will have to work at it, baby step by baby step.

Maybe change really is possible, and healthy foods can be the norm comin' from my oven, sweets the exception. I secretly hope this change will show up in clearer skin and bouncier hair, not to mention a better body and longer life.

Right now I have to find my sleeping bag and throw some hiking clothes into my backpack.

Yesterday was a rough ride with sugar consumption, and as I often do when I go away, I've packed my journal and good intentions to contemplate how I can improve my life and my health and my work. Removing oneself from one's environment allows for perspective [if one can resist just using the free time to nap and read a novel].

Two friends are coming back tomorrow, the other three of us Tuesday morning. Short but sweet.

I'm assuming I can blog from there.

Happy Sunday.

  1. Made that quiche.

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