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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Indignity of Cold Deodorant

Here's what happens when you've lost your power and it's now day 8.

Your Secret gel deodorant is icy cold when you glide it on. Your dog doesn't want to let you out of her sight, not even when you're just going upstairs to take a bath. [And BTW, taking a bath is your big goal and big accomplishment. That and making the bed and sweeping out the hearth, like some old Cinderella. Except there is no blue satin dress, no pair of glass slippers on the other end of the chore.]

Your neighbor's tiny dark frog, Rock Star, is in your care while his young owner and her little brother and parents have packed up for Ohio and he's worrying you b/c he isn't moving much in his tank of water. Later, @ the supermarket, you cave and buy a little eggnog ice cream. You are weary. You sleep on the couch by the fire in the afternoon until the teenager tells you to move b/c you are snoring so much, disturbing her as she reads in the fat chair by the hearth. But you love that deep sleep, b/c your girl is there, right in front of you, under your roof, and the pup is on your legs and your husband built the fire.

But something else happens, too. You realize that fire is an element as beautiful as the sea. That it dances, and mesmerizes, like waves in the ocean. That you can stare into its flickering flames and consider your hopes and dreams, calm down, dream up.

Time for me to move along out of this Starbucks. Have only been here just over an hour. The other side of our street has power; ours is imminent. But now it's time for the nearly nightly ritual of getting Figgy from a friends', having her get PJs and then getting her back to a friend's, where she can sleep in warmth. Then she comes home in the day to eat and take a bath and change and then the cycle begins again.

One day @ a time. Grateful one day @ a time.

Good night.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked Sug around block once.
  3. Planning to get back to myfitnesspal tomorrow or next day and really make a difference, once power is back.
  4. Had some vegs with dinner [bento box].


  1. Love the post Alice!
    Praying all is back to normal soon for all of you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. thank you for the note, Noelle....hope all is, alice