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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot & Bothered

I still didn't post my Cliff Walk report...but I'm boiling over, with hot flashes that turn up my body's thermostat in an instant. I get irate and cranky if I'm not in A.C.

Coincidence: At a lovely lunch at a friend's house today, I mentioned I had just been to Prouts Neck and one of my friend's friends said, You went to Prouts? She had spent summer vacations there as as a girl!!!!!! She had even waitressed at the Black Point Inn when she was a college student, age 19.

Small, small world. I thought I had gone to the magical/wild/weatherbeaten/ruggedly rocky edge of the earth--so far from New Jersey's normalcy--but returned to discover someone from Prouts sipping coffee at the same table in West Orange.

Good night.

  1. Haircut.
  2. Seeing those friends--and two of their lovely moms--at lunch.
  3. Going to bed. Now. Pull the curtains on my crankiness.

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