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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yawn--Yard Sale

I find having yard sales overwhelming. But my friend and neighbor, Jean, mother of 6, the youngest Figgy's age, is calm and organized--and invited me to join her. Some other families are joining in too on Saturday. Jean and I start tomorrow. The thought of schlepping everything outside exhausts me. But doing it with my friend will help. Good night, junk.

1. Walked Sug around block.
2. Meaningful reading--to be a healthier person. Balanced with reading a children's storybook to myself. I'm odd, but it's comforting.
3. Made black beans and brown rice for dinner.
4. Baked lovely crustless apricot pie; Punch helped peel the juicy orbs. Made it vegan. Will blog about that.

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