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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


By now you know that TCOY at the end of each of my blog posts stands for take care of yourself. Today, I did.
  1. 6-month dental checkup and cleaning. Too bad this practice wasn't in place when I was a girl. I wouldn't have lost a tooth to decay. Still dealing with it now, needing an implant, etc. I was terrified of the dentist. But now I love my dental hygienist, Monica, and everyone else at Dr. Mason's office.
  2. Walked home in snow fall from dentist [25 minutes]. Had forgotten my sneakers, but H. went back home for them and dropped them off while I was under the light, with the paper bib on. On way home, got ingredients for slow cooker glazed turkey and farmhouse butternut squash soup [the latter very good, on]. Knew H. was taking car for work, so had to get my healthy staples. Also made buttermilk mashed potatoes, which Punchy loved. She can be finicky, that's for sure.
  3. Ate fruits and vegs today. Banana smoothie, the soup, slow cooker carrots, orange cranberry sauce.
  4. Had to do some footwork to find a sitter for day I switched weekly therapy appt. to. It worked out. 

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