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Saturday, September 19, 2015

God, Grant Me the Serenity--

...the courage to change the things I can, including:
  1. Looking at my daughter Figgy's tumblr. She is 20. It would be like my mother accompanying me to.....I don't know, since I really didn't do anything too wild and/or provocative. [At least in my eyes. But I suspect my 1920s-born Mom thought otherwise. When I ran cross-country for four years of high school, she'd say, Why are you running around outside in your underwear?] Maybe a frat party? Standing next to me when a boyfriend walked me home? The point is, as my lifelong friends Moey and Lorraine told me on our summer beach day in Ocean Grove, Our parents didn't know about everything we did at that age, and we shouldn't, either. You have to stop looking at it! I have sworn off looking at Figgy's tumblr for a while now. I just hope and pray, that's all. If my parents were still alive, would they read this blog?
  2. Buying Mallomars. I succumbed the other day because they were on sale for $2.99 a box and are, as the label announces, made with pure chocolate. As if that makes them high and mighty. I ate every single one within 24 hours. Mostly standing up, not sitting down to savor. End.
  3. Not taking time to do my makeup. Shallow? No. My friend Heidi, who always looks beautiful, agrees with me that when you do your makeup you feel more polished, productive and professional. Others I have randomly polled on this: Moey;  my hairstylist, Christina; and the Christian Dior makeup artist at Saks in NYC. That said, I better get up off this chair so I can do this before support group. When I applied Chanel concealer yesterday, my eye area did look younger and rejuvenated to me. I jest you not.
More to come. Have to run. H. calling me to breakfast. He made green eggs and ham for Punch.

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