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Monday, October 5, 2015

Off to Italy--Not Me, But I Wish!

A tube is $7; I bought one for Moey's daughter, Laura, too.
Moey and Ted, their son, Kevin, Ted's sister and her husband--a party of five--flew off to Italy from JFK today! Moey and Ted celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last April and planned this trip. They're going for two weeks--to Rome and Tuscany.

I'm happy for them! I hope to get to Europe sometime in the not too distant future....Ireland or Italy. Or, for that matter, Paris. Or island-wise, Bermuda. Or perhaps stateside, California wine country. [I'm not a big wine drinker, but I heard it's beautiful there.] Still, funds dwindle, so we shall see. And so often, when we have time, we head to Maine to see H.'s family, or to Cape Cod.

I drove up to Montvale [30-minute ride] to see Moey off. Before that, I asked the lady at the liquor store for a nice Italian red they can enjoy when they return--because we weren't popping a bottle of champagne on a cruise ship. Then I went to Chelsea Square, a few doors down on Valley Road, where Vicky [sp] helped me choose a colorful little pack of tissues with a small tube of hand cream and another tube of Kiehl's lip balm for Moey's carry-on bag. TSA-approved sizes.

Don't forget to stop in every single bakery and chocolate shop you see, I said to Moey when they were in the car, ready to go. She laughed. She likes to rib me that when we went on our tour of Europe with friends after college graduation--14 countries in 21 days--I made her stop and ogle at pastries, etc. I especially remember Switzerland for that! Linzer tarts on lace-lined shelves, etc.

Bon voyage, Moey and Ted! Have a wonderful time.

  1. Starting this week, I'm planning boot camp on Wed. and Fri. mornings and Yoga & Meditation on Tuesday mornings. So that means Mondays I don't get up for boot camp. H. got up with Punch and I enjoyed sleeping later.
  2. It was good to see Moey & Co.
  3. Moey's daughter, Laura, and I walked her dog Cody around their block. Beautiful weather.
  4. Went to Verizon store to get my cell phone upgrade. Punchy dropped it on the sidewalk Saturday and cracked the screen when doing a FaceTime call with Patsy's daughter, Maddy, in Colorado.
  5. Stopped at Groov Cafe on Valley Road and got an Earth Goddess juice, with beets, carrots, spinach and more. It was pricey, $8 counting tax, but a good drink for my skin. Filling, too. Virtuous.
  6. Raked.
  7. Steamed and ate asparagus. Also had butternut squash and oats.
  8. Walked Sug.
  9. While doing dishes just now, listening to NPR: Krista Tippett hosting "On Being," this time an interview with the writer and anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson, daughter of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson. Very, very inspiring.

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