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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rolling: Learning to Drive

We couldn't get a sitter tonight for planned dinner and a movie. Disappointing, but after H. got back from a jog, I dashed out alone--I hadn't been to the big screen in a while. H. was good enough to stay home with Punchy and unlodge the tiny, silvery baking pan from her Easy-Bake Oven so she could bake the Party Pretzel Dippers [they bought 2 mixes at Target today].

This movie was showing in one of the small screening rooms at the Clairidge Movie Theater in Montclair. I was late and I think I got the last seat--in the front left row. Only 5 seats in the row, and I was in the middle, with two women on my left and an older couple on my right. Did feel self-conscious eating my small popcorn because we were pretty much arm to arm.

But what a film! Laughs and laughs, and feelings of was just light and beautiful. Nice look at NYC and Queens; impeccable tailored styles on the main character. Plus: A look at arranged marriages. I adored the two star turns by Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley.

I have to go to bed. H. is down the street with his buddies watching baseball now, and our little friend will be up sooner than we like.

Good night

  1. Bubble bath with Jo Malone, a fragrant gift from Sis.
  2. Good dental care.
  3. Support group.
  4. Walked into and out of town for salon blowout.
  5. Stopped into Rabbit Rabbit on Lorraine Avenue and bought some special accessories. Will blog about them soon.
  6. Going to the movies.
  7. 13,129 steps on my fitbit.

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