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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Reblogging this post from 2010, a couple months after I first started blogging. I'm grateful for the close look at 14-year-old Figgy and regretful that I could not stop her from stepping in some potholes on the path of life. Yet I know that even if you fall in a pothole, you can find your way again. It takes will, skill, smarts, vision, strength, experience--and road service. I prayed for her then and I pray for her now. I will never stop praying for her--for grace and intelligence, safety and happiness.

Our Figgy is a colorful character. I've decided to blog about her at just this moment so that I can capture part of exactly who she is right now, at 14, a high school freshman. I say "part of" because there is no way that I as the mother of a teen can capture all that she is, or will be. These teens seem like butterflies in constant metamorphosis.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 7:59 P.M. EST

Figgy is:

1. At the gym in the condo complex right now.
 It's open 24/7 and she's been going for almost an hour a day, usually in the evenings. She goes on the Precor Elliptical Crosstrainer. She keeps increasing the endurance, day by day.

2. A raspberry lover. In the oven right now is a very simple recipe she just made. I once read about Joan Lunden making it with her kids and decided to tell Figgy so at least she'd start loving cooked fruit. You take fresh or frozen berries and top with equal amounts of butter, flour and sugar [not too much of any] and bake at 350 till topping is golden and fruit is bubbly. Yum, it smells good.

3. Really smart. Loves to read, and write.

4. Addicted to Facebook. Direct conflict with #3, above.

5. Silly. Always making her friends laugh, coming up with funny and witty observations. Laughing joyfully at her friend's posts. She is kind of a prankster, too. When her cousin was visiting from Florida during Easter week, they left the condo at 10:30 P.M. with our big fresh pineapple--and then came back shortly. Who knows.

6. Enthralled with New York City. Loves hopping on the bus there with friends. Currently fascinated with elevator at Marriott Marquis.

7. Serious about music. Listens to all kinds, has many different iTunes playlists, such as zen-ish, PARTAY!, WAKIN UP and my personal favorite, mommy [which I'm listening to right now]. "There's so much music," she said on the ride to high school yesterday. "I wish I could listen to it all, but it's impossible." Often has iPod attached to ear. Learning to play ukelele.

8. A gifted artist with a closely-observed look at life. I wanted to post one of her current drawings here but figured that might violate her privacy.

9. Deep into fashion. But sensibly so--loves Forever 21, and gets amazing jackets and dresses there at great prices. Especially a cropped, belted black jacket and a dress with peacock feather-patterned fabric.

10. Blessed with smart, funny, nice friends. And one or two I would not mind editing out with my mommy pen.

11. Connected to nature. She has always loved animals--foxes on the Cape, raccoons in our backyard tree--just like her Dad. Also loves the ocean and the moon.

12. Punctual and organized. Reminds us of H.'s very efficient and pulled-together younger sister that way.

13. Into makeup. Big time. Eyeliner [a little too much], lip gloss, mascara.

14. Freckle-faced, like her Dad, her grandma and her aunt. So pretty!

15. Sometimes stubborn and annoying, like when she asks me 20 ways till Sunday if a friend can come over, sleep over, whatever.

16. Messy. Her room is a pigpen.

17. Completely in love with sleepaway summer camp. "What's so great about it?" I like to ask, just so I can hear her list what she likes again and again. "It's just flat-out awesome," she said Monday afternoon. She's been going for two weeks every summer since the July after third grade. She hopes to be a counselor in training next year.

18. Very upset when her Dad and I fight.

19. Against drugs, but not against wild and daring behavior. "Please tell me you've done something in your life," she'll say to me.

20. Just recently starting to say "I love you" to me a lot again.

God bless our little Figgy as she makes her way through life. Yes, I do believe in God--or at least guardian angels--and do trust Her/them to watch over Figgy. Even though that's probably just a fictional comfort I cling to. I can't help it. I can't be there to protect her all the time, so I hope somebody can.

TCOY for October 17, 2015

  1. Fresh air at soccer game and pancake breakfast. [Punchy kept running out to see the cat adoption table.]
  2. Sis and Don and Chaiya came to visit.
  3. Nap.
  4. Burned lovely soy candle Sis brought me.

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