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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Home Again, Home Again

We packed up our books, sunscreen, shorts, sheets and groceries, Anne swept up the sand, we vacuumed, Anne insisted on cleaning more while I took the girls for donuts. Then we took a nice dip in Great Pond, playing with the seaweed a little--shaping it into a hat that we modeled. [Actually, a dad from Northern California, also in the pond, made the hat and gave it to us.] Then we dried off and went to Fort Hill [see beauty above], a view so sweeping behind the whaling captain Penniman's house that I did not want to leave. I stood and breathed it in. Then, the inevitable: We zipped back home past ponds and forests, heading for the setting sun. I pray I can keep this image close to my heart and soul. I would like to remember the vastness of its beauty, the impact of seeing it on a Sunday afternoon in July. Good night.

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