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Friday, December 1, 2017

Day 4: Change is Good

Went to a second spinning class at CycleBar with Rachael. It’s hard but I know it’s helpful and classes are free at the new space til Dec. 10. Cool soundtracks and lighting and inspiring words. I started crying when pedaling and sweating through a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

Mama...I don’t want to die...carry on...the words just moved me...reached me...I deserve to save myself...

Jess, yesterday’s teacher, said something like Of all the commitments you make to everyone else, this time is a commitment you make to yourself. And we pedaled on. My private parts hurt from 45 minutes on that skinny seat and I had to learn to balance on the bike, keep going and grab my water bottle from the holder at the same time in the dark. [Lights flash on and off, like at a nightclub; music rises and falls.] I did it. Plus: Nice free perks, including big red water bottles [Punch wanted mine] and bananas. 

I plan to sign up for the Founder’s Special, locked-in rate of $119 per month for unlimited classes. Lots of convenient times!

Good night to you.


  1. I've never done a spin class but I hear it's about as intense as you can get. Good for you!

    I believe in exercise, and I agree about the time for yourself.

  2. Hi Nan. Thank you for checking in, as always. I'm thinking I better hold off on signing up for the CycleBar because I can't keep up with everything yet......