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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


When I was a young woman, an editorial assistant at a women's magazine, my editor wrote "able to shift gears quickly" in my annual review. That was the first time I had seen the term--a car reference used to describe the ability to multitask. [My Dad taught me to drive on a stick shift, and it was hard--but that's another story.]

I need to multitask today, right now, but am feeling jittery instead. I need to move the gear shift between:
  1. Writing pots and pans marketing copy [and gadget copy].
  2. Supervising Punchy's homework. Trying to be better about keeping her focused. She is supposed to review both math and vocabulary tonight for quiz/test. She did both already, but I'm not sure it was enough. I have taken too much of a hands-off approach with her in the past, so trying to find a balance. And she is hell-bent on canvassing the neighborhood to get little kids to sign up for a soccer club/lessons she just cooked up today. She has her coat on and is about to go ring bells and hand out flyers.
  3. Setting up interviews for the summer [June] issue of ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME MAGAZINE. My editor is eager; deadlines looming.
  4. Making dinner. I bought two bunches of crisp romaine, good Caesar dressing, nice Parmigiana shavings. I'm going to heat thawed shrimp in garlic, a little butter, olive oil and wine and also pan-toast croutons with the white bread Dan baked. Vegan Figgy is heading out with a painting to an art show, so I guess I won't worry about another option. I got her some tofu to pan brown.
  5. Exercise. Since Friday, I have MOVED my body every day. I want to take a walk, but it will have to be after dinner when Dan can watch Punchy. It will be cold. I think I will drive to the park and do a few loops.
Work. Parenting. Eating right. Grocery shopping, doing dishes. Exercising. Self-care. It all takes time. I am doing my best to move in a healthy direction.

  1. Took a nice long bath with the heavenly scented Key to My Heart Bath Bomb, a beautiful bright pink heart shape from DollyMoo in Montclair.
  2. Did my makeup.
  3. Trying hard to walk tonight.
  4. Wrote this post to help sort out #goals.


  1. I hope you also see that you have a lot going on. Supervising homework is the WORST, but this is tomorrow’s work ethic, so chin up and stick with it. But let’s shake a jealous mental fist at those parents with self-motivated or parent-pleasing kids!

    1. Liz, yes, the homework part is hard w Punch but was not w young Fig. Tomorrow’s work ethic, right! Shake jealous mental fist, love it! Thanks, Liz!