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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Bagpipes & Iced Coffee

Moey’s Uncle Jay died at only 75. Moey’s mom, Muriel, is a treasure to me and Jay was her younger brother/only sibling. He was a larger-than-life presence during our girlhood, at the birthday parties at Moey’s house on Forest Road in Dumont.
It was back to Bergen County for the funeral Mass in Bergenfield, with beautiful eulogies by Moey’s brother Paul and Tony, Jay’s best friend since 1967. [The two men and their young brides married the same day in different states and met for the first time on their honeymoons in the Poconos.]
The last hymn was "Amazing Grace," and when we walked out onto the church steps, a bagpiper was playing the same song. It was moving.
Last night’s wake was the fourth death watch in a calendar year for me, and that’s a lot. Yesterday was the anniversary of Sis’s husband Don’s death. Then Moey’s mother-in-law; recently my mother’s brother, Uncle Jim; and now, Uncle Jay.
Memories. Remembering and missing my Dad. Dashed for excellent iced coffee in Tenafly at Cafe Angelique [sister to cafe on Bleecker Street in NYC] while I was back in the area.
Day is done, gone the sun.
Good night to you.


  1. so sorry for your losses, Alice. xoxo

  2. Please accept my condolences . Nothing more mournful than bagpipes...

  3. Thank you, Kim and Liz. Happy Friday to you. Love Alice