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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Too Tired to Write Much 

That’s Punchy and her baby sister/half-sister! So far, Punchy seems mostly okay to leave behind her mom and baby after Saturday sleepover, though Dan said she did cry in car on way home Sunday.
It sounds like she had a nice visit, even proudly baked a cake w her mom. And when I dropped her off Saturday at 4:30, I was invited to stay for a dinner of skillet burgers and waffle fries. It’s always good for Punch when she sees her two families getting along, breaking bread. I feel the same way about going out to lunch, etc. with her Mimi and Poppy instead of just doing a quick pickup or drop-off. We all love Punch; that’s our common ground, Where our hearts meet in the middle.
I’m tired now, after 8 a.m. yoga, iced coffee jaunt, dishes, laundry, hanging some wash out in sun [on drying rack, wish I had clothesline], gardening a bit, cooking lunch and dinner, baking healthy PB oatmeal cookies, leaving 2:20 to get Punch from school at 2:30 for ADHD dr appt that took til almost 4:30. PLUS; Dramatic, tree-shaking thunderstorm and over-emotional husband. It can be draining. Good night.


  1. glad you're all home, safe and sound!

  2. I agree with and admire your philosophy regarding what is best for P, but shrink from the thought of how hard it must be. Hope that sleep was delicious!
    Ps little women on pbs, part 2 Sunday night at 8.

  3. Hi ladies. Don’t have reading glasses w me, so pls excuse typos. What a night (Tuesday). Punch went to bed 930, told me she said her prayers for mom and family there but couldn’t settle into sleep. She ended up coming into our bed, uprooting Dan, who went to her room. She was up til 4 am. It was exhausting for us, must have been for her? So I let her sleep til 930 and got her to school by 11 because we had all kinds of acting out w cursing, trying to wear inappropriate clothing, etc. This is all some fallout, if you know what I mean. Will blog more about it. Have a great day. Love Alice

  4. Oh my, the baby is adorable, and looks just like punch. I hope she is calming down OK. Hang in there. <3

    1. Hi friend! Yes, she looks like Punchy, right? Thank you and hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, Eileen. xo