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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Big Screen: Mister Rogers & Triplets 

A taste of freedom...Dan and I went to two documentaries this week--"Won’t You Be My Neighbor" the other night and tonight’s 10:05 p.m. showing of "Three Identical Strangers," about Jewish baby-boy triplets separated at birth. Both films really good and thought-provoking. Both made me think about how we are as parents to Fig and Punch, and the protective role parents have. The triplets one stirred up questions about nature vs. nurture in Punchy’s case. And I left the dark theater with a nagging, sad feeling, a fear that Fig could "inherit" my depression. It kind of runs in the family. Prayers. Hope. Strength. Grace.

Good night.


  1. Picked up my mended earrings at STITCH. Also, um, the pink pineapple top reappeared in my size, so...
  2. Sis came to visit and we walked Butter and Sugar on the 2-mile loop around lake near 🐢 Turtle Back Zoo this evening. I missed her and it was good to talk.
  3. Fresh figs with fresh mozzarella, garden basil leaves, olive oil, sea salt, squirt of fresh lemon juice,
  4. Ice water galore.


  1. Does Fig know you blog, about your TCOY regimes? I think parents provide tools to address the less savory parts of the cards dealt our beloved offspring and gratitude that the hand isn’t worse. But the Mr Rogers doc had me a little freaked about parenting too. Was wondering about triplets but frankly need more relaxing fare!

  2. ooh....Triplets on my list! co-sign Liz on the tools!

  3. Hi ladies. I’m not sure Fig knows about my TCOY lists but had said many times that she’s proud of me that I know do healthy baking if at all. And when I had my last freak out, which then leads to sorrow and shame, I heard her say, “She was doing so good for so long...” I know Fig has read my blog but don’t know if she still does. She has a beautiful tumblr blog called Ocean Writing but if I read it, I end up fretting and being two entrenched. Fear. Mother daughter bloggers.,,,xo