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Monday, July 2, 2018

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

I love trolling the aisles at the Belfast Co-op store! Local maple syrup, vegan cupcakes made in town, sweet Maine strawberries, farm yogurt, hand-dipped candles, eco-conscious cleaning products, fair trade coffee. 

Today I asked about cosmetics and a helpful employee steered me to Eco Lips Eco Tints 👄. I adore the one I bought in Moonstone! It’s a retro pearly pink made with smooth cocoa seed butter, coconut oil and other soothing ingredients. It cost just over $4 and I LOVE it. I would like to go back tomorrow and get another, that’s how happy I am with it. You can also order online at The little beauty, made in Iowa, is cruelty free and gluten free, which was never important to me for makeup before but might be now.

It’s been a nice day up in Maine, doing regular things like going to the old Post Office to mail Punchy’s sleepaway camp installment payment, chatting with my mother-in-law over salad, having dinner with family at a restaurant overlooking the bay, browsing at Bella Books.

I worked a little at the Co-op but need to do more groundwork for articles due. I also got another assignment with a pitch, so my annual income is inching up--and it’s a topic I like [style & beauty].

We hope to go to Topham Beach tomorrow, which we hear is beautiful, but might be leaving 8:30 a.m. I may set early alarm to work a little first.

Good night.


  1. Salad my mother-in-law made. She’s a healthy eater.
  2. Polished my nails!
  3. Applied eye shadow and mascara!
  4. At Co-op, Punch and I shared steamed broccoli and Thai chicken and I got an iced coffee.
  5. At dinner, burger sans roll or fries; mashed potatoes and fresh coleslaw on side.
  6. Listening, focusing, being kind. Could do better. Tangling w some tigers.
  7. About to read and sleep.
  8. Bought what I hope are my only souvenirs for this trip, due to budget:  natural, pure white kitchen sponges [including one for Sis]; vegan vanilla marshmallows for Figgy; and lavender hand soap. Plus two sea-blue taper candles and my beauty lip balm!
  9. Drank in beauty of bay view at dinner.


  1. ooh, that store sounds lovely! And yay on new assignment!

    1. Thank you, Kim! Maine is full of great little shops dotting the coast! Hope all is good. Xo