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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tired, Catch up Tomorrow--Please See Updated Post, Below 


  1. A colleague’s life has been turned upside down. Two weeks ago his wife began slurring her words, a week ago she had 90% mass removed from brain, yesterday pathology said it is the aggressive brain cancer that took Kennedy and McCain. She is 60, radiantly healthy vegetarian dancer and scheduled for 5 days a week radiation, followed by aggressive chemo. My workplace is stunned, like a tree fell on someone standing beside you. Hard to compartmentalize and get work done, wish me luck!

  2. Alice, you certainly have a right to be tired with all that is up. Liz, I know how these things can devastate a workplace.

    And, I'm here reading every day, put for some reason can only comment when I fire up the computer instead of the ipad. Mostly do that only on the weekends.


    1. And, I didn't weigh in on P and unkindness because this is something I never figured out - felt like I dealt with it badly, if at all. One thing that came up, I relied heavily on my girl's best friend's parents on how to respond. They got suspended from soccer for two games, but we made them suit up and sit on the sidelines.

    2. Liz, I'm so sorry for that news....just terrible.....prayers.....compassion.....

      Nan, the same thing has been happening to me; I have been unable to reply to comments on my own or other blogs on my iPhone and have to wait until I'm on my laptop. Crazy. It sounds like you did a wise job parenting on Unkindness 101. BTW, the situation is improving here, but not without my due diligence.....
      love to you both L & N