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Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is the first time in forever that I almost went to bed without blogging. I never forget to blog! But that's what a fun party with my boot camp friends and their spouses will do, especially with two-plus margaritas. The party was in honor of our friend and fellow boot camper Diane, who is moving with her husband, Roberto, their three young kids and their dog to Boulder, Colorado. We are all going to miss her. But Diane and Roberto already have a house out there, and they love the idea of clean living and a lot of space, less congestion. Here's to following your dreams.

Good night.

  1. Yoga class 8 A.M.
  2. Support group.
  3. Walked Sug around block twice.
  4. Planted red dahlia bulbs in front and back gardens.
  5. Nap.

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