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Friday, July 18, 2014

New York on a Silver Platter, Part 2

I think this is a silver Christofle baby cup on the celeb table.
"The cup can go with you as you grow," said Sandra Cohen, the sales associate.
So a baby can become an adult and fill the cup
with white roses, or even pencils.
The baby cup I saw cost $290 and can be engraved for another $55.
I love it for a nosegay.
Yay! Just finished a detailed article and sent it to my editor, so now I can grab the silver teething ring and write my post of what happened last night.

A few days ago, I received a press evite to an event at Christofle, the French silver store on Madison Avenue and 70th Street. So I drove in, paid $2 to park on the street and mingled with the silverazzi inside--writers, editors, party planners, wedding bloggers and more.

I like going to these events for the glamour, and because it brings me back to being on staff at magazines, and attending press events. Being ahead of the curve, on top of the trends. That part is fun. It's also nice to get into New York and shake hands with my peers. Beyond all that, these events spark article ideas for me to pitch to magazines.

The occasion last night was Christofle's unveiling of a table setting by Thom Filicia, who is...well, let Wikipedia say it: Thom Filicia (born May 17, 1969) is an American interior designer,most famous for his role as an interior design expert on the American television program Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Now let me say it: He looked really handsome, in a trim navy blazer with snug white jeans, bare ankles and suede, tasseled loafers. So put-together. Polished and well-spoken, too.

It was part of the "Star Table Series," for which celebrated interior designers do tables using Christofle silver. Thom Filicia's was stunning......I would love to be invited to sit down and eat at that table....
perhaps at a leisurely lunch catered by a famous chef....lobster salad, tender Boston bibb lettuce leaves, baby Parkerhouse rolls with sea-salted butter....the finest Champagne.....for dessert, steaming hot coffee served from a shiny silver pot with sugar cubes [need silver tongs], dense little Valrhona brownie squares, French truffles, sweet Maine strawberries and a cloud of freshly whipped cream.

In real life, verrrrry good-looking male models/waiters served us. One poured bubbly that was pretty and tasty and the other walked around with lamb bites, tuna tartar and other tiny hors d'oeuvres--on a large silver platter, of course. One of the cutest nibbles was a baby square of watermelon with feta crumbles on top.

I was interested to hear about Silver Ever [sp?], a new treatment that Christofle will be phasing in on its products, so they won't tarnish for five years. And I loved the jewelry line. It's gorgeous. Really nice earrings, necklaces and rings, not outrageously priced.

Anyway, I liked being there, and I liked driving home as the sun dipped over my beloved NYC. Drove past many blue and white trucks serving soft ice cream. On their back doors, printed in red: WATCH FOR OUR CHILDREN     SLOW!  Oh, back to the nights when the Mr. Softee truck rolled through our Dumont neighborhood.

Good night. Thanks for listening.

Across the street from Christofle on Madison Avenue.
The posh neighborhood is dense with upscale stores: Cartier, Lanvin, Prada, Jil Sander, Valentino, Gucci and more.


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  2. How fun, Alice! We used to watch that show and I always wished that they would come and overhaul J.

  3. Hi Lin. Thanks for the note. It was fun and you know me, I like to see how the other half lives. Luxury! Love alice