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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Peter, Paul and Mary

Their music has been keeping me company. Love to slip the CD into my laptop while I work. Especially inspired by "Weave Me the Sunshine."

Good night.

  1. Made it to 8 a.m. yoga and meditation class taught by my friend Julie. She had us do a 20-minute "Automatic Writing" exercise. She said it's another form of meditation. The task was not to pause the pen, not to stop writing the entire time. The 20 minutes went fast. The opening prompt was: At this point in my life, what is my perspective on meditation? But believe me, it went to some important thoughts and insights.
  2. Biked to town for salon blowout and bank, to make mortgage payment.
  3. Had some healthy food today: black bean burger with avocado; salmon and salad. But I can do much, much better, trust me.

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