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Monday, September 21, 2015

Into Bed Early, Grateful to Have a Parenting Partner

Someone small refused to take a shower, would not brush her teeth and accidentally knocked over a tumbler of ice water on the wooden floor in the hallway for the third night in a row. H. took over. Still no shower but yes, clean teeth.

Good night, sleep tight.

1. Boot camp in park. Preferred to sleep after busy weekend. Texted Pats out in Colorado, who said I'd feel good after. She was right! 
2. Weeded and watered.
3. Made salad and salmon for dinner.
4. Hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit.
5. Picked up, mooned over and put pack a single packaged chocolate Cronut at ShopRite--it's a combination of donut and croissant, with chocolate cream filling. Victory over Cronut! What helped me put it back was the thought that eating treats like that frequently will slowly kill me. 
6. About to take a bubble bath. 

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