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Friday, September 25, 2015


Praying hard for some I love, fellow travelers on life's road. Not sure about the power of prayer, sometimes wonder if it's just a way to comfort ourselves and acknowledge that we are generally powerless to fix some problems, so we call in the Boss upstairs.

But then I remember all the times I've asked Sis or Moey to say a prayer, especially a Hail Mary, and how lucky I've felt to know that they would. I was no longer alone in a tight spot. I recall that I've "fallen on my knees" on cushioned pews and put my worries at God's feet. And I've loved when my friend Jean has said to me in tough times, 'Alice, I will keep on praying."

So that's what I'll do for those I love. I will keep on praying. I will keep the faith.

Good night.

1. Boot camp in park. Pretty day.
2. Ate some healthy foods, including veggie burger, pickle, chicken sausage.
3. Private Benjamin! I hadn't been to my therapy appt for 3 weeks and I found it helpful. 

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