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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Better Glimpse of Us--Minus Our Good Figgy

I know I shouldn't be superficial and vain, but I am. There you have it. I hate the way I look in that courthouse photo yesterday, and also wanted to include a photo with Punchy, since the day centered around her. [For reasons I can't elaborate on here, it was best that she be at school instead of with us. Also, that is generally the rule for kids under age 12, I gather.] So here is the first day of second grade, September 8, 2015. Thanks for bearing with me. I don't want to take the heinous photo down because it's a record of an important day.

  1. Dressed up to work at home.
  2. Walked Puff around the block.


  1. You look beautiful here, Alice. It's true--this outfit is incredibly flattering. But you looked very pretty yesterday, too. And, all I could think about was how happy you looked.