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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Article Archive: My 4 Style Pieces from Fall Issue of Aspire

Studio Printworks "Scotch on the Rocks" wallpaper shown here on wall, model
and binder. Three other patterns featured on the
tablecloth and in the two picture frames!
Here is the LINK.
I was busy writing for the fall issue of Aspire Magazine. Links to articles on are below. Now we're onto the winter issue!
  1. TABLING THE DISCUSSION  [all about tabletop]
  2. STUDIO PRINTWORKS: WALL-TO-WALL CHIC [about the wallpaper factory I visited in Hoboken--very cool process/products]
  3. FORK & KNIFE POISED [Brooklyn chef--restaurant near my friend Kim?]
  4. DINNER GUEST: GASPAR SALDANHA [grandson of groundbreaking Brazilian mosaic artist Paulo Werneck]
I didn't study art or art history....but have been getting an education with these assignments...



  1. Read them all. Loved them all, especially #4. Love, Lin

  2. Alice, The Finch is 2 blocks away, literally a 2-minute walk. F and I ate there about 6 months ago. It's a beautiful space with very very nice food. Not cheap, but lovely. We really enjoyed it.

  3. Wow! I was thinking you may have eaten there!!!!!! small world

  4. I did not, but I want to. I didn't have much time before my deadline. I try whenever possible to go in person. I did interview the chef, whose baby was due the next day! p.s I hope Ali received the copy of Aspire with the mention of her wedding in it? [tabletop story]