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Monday, October 19, 2015

Sugar: The Backstory

Love the label.
Since this is still Day 1, wanted to report the impetus that made me again say sayonara to sugar [except for two days a month?].

On Saturday, H. drove Punchy down to Toms River for an overnight with her Mom. On Sunday, when he headed to the Mets game with his pal Michael, I drove back down to pick her up. [It's about 2 hours and 40 minutes round trip.]

We reveled in being able to sleep late Sunday without someone small running in and jumping on our bed.....that can be seen as loving, but it's a jarring way to wake up, too. Then: We went to Plum on Park, this sweet little diner-car restaurant on Park Street across from the Montclair YMCA for brunch. We hadn't been out for brunch alone in a while. We shared ricotta fritters, but just 3 of them, not too large. H. had an omelet and I had a cappuccino and grits with shrimp, scallions and bacon. Each of our dishes came with a clean green salad on the side.

Since I never get there, I wanted to get one of the healthy juices to go. Went for SUPER GREEN {KALE APPLE CUCUMBER LIME MANGO}, $7.

I started slurping it down before the bill was paid. It was delicious, fresh and virtuous. I could feel my skin looking better with every sip. I didn't take into account that the apple and mango parts would be high in condensed natural sugar. Suddenly, in the car, my mood switched to a dark place. I became mean and angry. Part of it was also fear, as H. and I were discussing a family issue that worries us both. Then I wanted a cupcake. I didn't get one. But I was out of control and nasty. I am ashamed of that.

Sugar affects me in unhealthy ways, and I need to find a balance in my life. Thanks for listening.

I have to get back to work!

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