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Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 1, No Sugar, Hot Bath Nightcap

My blogosphere friend Nan once asked how I felt in the past when I skipped the sugar*. So I am keeping close notes this time. Hope I don't bore you. And BTW, I would love to know how you manage sugar and sweets. Do you indulge on weekends? Special occasions? Every day? Can you co-exist with a cake in the house? Most of the time, I can't, not without eating it.

It's 10:16, and I have to go to bed. If I stay up to watch TV--which on some level, I'd love to do--I will reach for food. That's just the way it goes, and it can get ugly. I do have good microwave popcorn in the cupboard, but still. Probably better to rest.

My workday was productive. I had to do some work at night, too, and I snacked on wasabi peas. They were crunchy and very, very zingy.

Good night to you. I just hope I don't wake up in the middle of the night craving carbs and sugar. It has happened before. If it does: Small bowl granola with milk.

  1. Wild-caught salmon, baby potatoes and asparagus for supper.
  2. Lots of ice water and hot tea with milk.
  3. The good thing about giving up sweet treats [except 2 planned days per month] is that I am not tempted to eat the Quaker granola bars H. got on sale for Punchy to snack on. They are mediocre at best, anyway.
  4. About to take a bath with mountain sage bath salts from Whole Foods.
*When I say skip the sugar or no sugar, I don't mean embracing a sugar-free diet. For example, surprisingly, the wasabi peas I just ate have some sugar in them. So does lox, I think, and I love lox. What I mean is sidestepping sweet treats, baked goods, ice cream, sugary drinks and gulp, chocolate. There, I said it. Wish me luck. But I plan to enjoy those 2 days per month. I just hope I don't go off on a bender.


  1. Sugar isn't my big enemy--bready carbs are. Hey, I love ice cream as much as the next gal, but give me a donut...I'll fall on sword for a donut. This is simplistic, but here are a few hard and fast rules I do follow even when I'm not being "good":

    * I don't bring things I can't resist in the house. Like I really don't. Even when my kids were small, desserts and sweets were carefully monitored, though I don't think they realized. They asked for dessert and I would say airily, oh not tonight, we don't have dessert every night. and when I did bring it in it would be something that wasn't my favorite.

    * I never eat at night. At most, I'll have a tea biscuit type of thing with tea after dinner. But once I head upstairs to bed I never go back to the kitchen again. My mom used to say, "kitchen's closed," (more because she didn't want to have it messed up again, LOL!) and that metaphor has stuck with me. Even if I'm a little hungry, I soothe myself with the promise of a bigger breakfast.
    * I do find that "compromise" food helps. I make room in the WW plan to have a baked treat one weekend morning -- though rarely a donut (because that is a "feast" food--a once in a while thing). Maybe a small scone, for instance. I also enjoy scattering a few dark chocolate chips in my breakfast yogurt once, maybe twice a week. Things like that.
    * And I only bake when I know I can give it away or when the girls are home or company is coming. Baking doesn't mean the same to me as to you, Alice, so that would be a tough one. I do, however, think you can keep channelling your love of cooking into healthier recipes. For instance, I rarely clip or save a recipe that doesn't at least have a nod to healthful eating.

    This sounds like I have it all wrapped up, which I don't. My biggest problem is outside eating. My house I can control. the minute I step out I'm tempted. It's one reason I literally don't take a single dime with me when I walk every day! LOL! Eating outside and the lure of constantly accessible food (again, NYC, it really is completely and constantly accessible. No car even necessary), is my biggest challenge.

    1. Kim, thanks so much for this reply, which is thoughtful and helpful. Yes, I am trying also just not to bring the sweets into the house [or the chips, etc.--those are another trigger food]. I love what you said to the girls, we don't have dessert every night--airily! Love that. And I have heard that kitchen's closed idea before, and I attempt it...problem is, Punch and H. often eat bedtime snacks. Our TV is in our living room, which is right next to our kitchen, so if we are watching something, we are prone to get a snack. I have a lot of zigzags to work out in my life, and in my healthy eating plan. I'm so glad you are there to share ideas. And did you say you are walking every day! Super!!!! Autumn is so lovely. Hope to see you sometime soon. Love, Alice xoxoxo