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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Armchair Traveler

Many friends are traveling now and I wish I were, too. I do have a trip to the Cape on my calendar for Memorial Day Weekend. The promise of sandy peace and seaside tonic.
Check my travelers:
  • My friend Anne. Just went to Tuscany [her daughter staying there a few weeks] and then they met up in Venice with her son, who has been living in Paris! Mountains, rolling hills, farmhouse, gondolas, history, style, cappuccino.
  • Sis. Leaves for New Orleans in a few days to visit her friend for a week. Jazz, beignets, chicory coffee.
  • Moey. Flying to L.A. to be with her daughter, Laura, this week. Coastline! Movie stars.
  • Celia. My NYC pal and her husband were in Venice the same time Anne & Co. were [see above].
  • Our nephew Chris. Born and bred in Maine, he has a very successful NYC career and gets luxe perks, like trips to islands, London and Paris, which he takes w his girlfriend, Marie-Camille [glamorous French name]. I see their photos on Insta! Chilled wine, garden tulips, the sights at night.
  • Kim. My friend went to Spain recently with her husband, to visit their girl there! Valencia and more.
  • Kelly, Sug’s groomer. Yes, even Kelly from The Grooming Gallery was flying off on a European vacation. Her salon was packed about 10 days ago on the afternoon before she left. She couldn’t wield that blow dryer any faster!
I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous. I can visit my Figgy at the stationery store in town, where she works on weekends! I can roam the aisles and look at agendas, markers and folders. It is ok. For everything, there is a season. Our Fig is healthy, thriving and immersed in her studies. It’s ok for us to be grounded and doing our best.


  1. i so know how you feel. I combat twinges of envy ALL THE TIME. Not with travel or work because I'm pretty satisfied with these things. classmates are starting to announce engagements of their kids. My kid will be 26. no special someone in sight. When will this happen for her/them/me? Don't get me started on grandparenting. It's utterly ridiculous. I have so much and my kids have so much and it will all be fine and what it is supposed to be, but there is nothing, I mean nothing greener than that good ol' grass on the other side.

    1. Right, nothing greener....but as you say, Kim, everything falls into place as it should. Even if we wish it were sooner. Each side of the fence does have its comforts—but the Eiffel Tower at night vs walking the dog in the suburbs! You know how I feel about glamour! Love Alice and ps. Your girls are so lovely. All it takes is a single moment to change their lives when the time is right.