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Sunday, May 6, 2018

First Patio Dinner of the Year

Pulled weeds that grow between the patio pavers...backyard still needs a lot more work. But we ate outside w candles, our dear friends Anne, Michael and Nikki around the table. We had brown rice, veggies Dan roasted, broccoli, chicken sausages. And red and blue berries with pillowy whipped cream. Good night.


  1. Mass. Loved how pink flowering branches looked next to blue Blessed Mother statue. 
  2. Walked Butter and Sugar around the block.
  3. Greek salad w grilled chicken from Falafel Hut. So good.
  4. Yogurt, berries, freshly ground almond butter, not in that order. Good coffee.


  • This morning, I made pancakes. I did not eat any of them, nor did I feel deprived while Punchy and Dan enjoyed them w butter and maple syrup. I made half a batch, the fewer to be tempted by. I had coffee and yogurt. I am choosing not to eat flour, sugar and wheat. Have made that choice for 8 days now. Except for Friday nite dinner at friends’ before Film Festival. I brought a big salad but the rest of dinner included tortilla chips, guacamole, cheese tartlets, cheese quesadillas and my neighbor’s margaritas, which I know are divine. I ate the quesadilla because I had to eat dinner before the 3-hour show. Stuck to ice water, guacamole and a handful of the "healthier" chips.


  1. Very hard to avoid flour! But I think it can be as Hunger inducing as sugar.

    Try “ricotta pancakes” some time. Just eggs, ricotta cheese, and optionally a tablespoon of almond flour and/or dash of vanilla beaten together. Very filling, and visually looks like a pancake - others can add syrup; with the vanilla I find them rich without needing sweets. (Google for specifics).

    1. Oh yum! I am all over that idea, have had ricotta pancakes at restaurant in town! tablespoon of almond flour! thanks, Nan! xo

  2. Eight days, wow! Co grants! And while I have read about Sug for ages, cracks me up to see Butter and Sugar together - the font of so many good things - practically frosting all by themselves! You are a hoot, Alice.
    Happy Monday!
    Ps first communion kids wore their finery to mass for May procession this weekend - sweet in the sunshine.

  3. Haha ladies! I know, whenever we have my Sis's dog, Buttercup, for a visit, my neighbor Peter jokes that I could bake a cake. But frosting, yes! Hahahhahah. Butter has been here for a week and I love her. My sis went to New Orleans.