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Friday, May 11, 2018

The Fuchsia is Bright

I got my hands on a bag of real green moss and relined my metal planter,
then spooned in soil and popped in a pink impatiens.
The moss and the flowers are supposed to thrive in shade, but we shall see. 
Still avoiding flour, sugar and wheat for the most part--baked
these PB cookies with old-fashioned oats, some
whole and some whirred into oat flour. I can't lie, I did
miss the flour and sugar. But the cookies are filling, and
pretty good. Dan and Figgy liked them, too.
Today leaned heavily toward TCOY.  I did sell that new essay [about my hated CPAP machine], so I'm happy, but still struggling to complete kitchen tool copy.

Since I will be driving Punchy 1.5 hours south on the Parkway to see her birth mom for sleepover into Mother's Day, I decided I was long overdue for a pampering blowout. I have been avoiding them to save money, and have also been embracing my springy curls a bit more. Also had not had a pedicure in months, so got one w the Essie summer 2018 color THE FUCHSIA IS BRIGHT. LOL.

I'm tired now and have to rise early for a busy day but here is my TCOY list:
  1. Weeded a little spot and inserted my dahlia bulbs. Felt my age down on knees, especially getting up; need gardener’s pad.
  2. Freshened up my metal planter. #beautyaboveall
  3. Baked the PB cookies. No sugar, flour or wheat except 1 T pure maple syrup.
  4. Nap.
  5. Beauty salon salvation.
  6. Blueberries and yogurt.
  7. Walked around block once and another 25 min. back from town.
  8. Stopped on way home for coffee energy balls and a cashew milk from Juice Culture and day-boat scallops from Gus's Fish Market.
  9. Had those day-boat scallops and a sweet potato.
  10. Dan was working at a party tonight and Figgy and Punch were both out with friends. So I rented "California Typewriter," the documentary about a typewriter repair shop and typewriter collectors, including Tom Hanks. Dan, who owns many old typewriters as the 60-Second Novelist, saw the movie in theaters. I enjoyed it, though it was a bit long. It made me want to get out my old portables and spiff them up and use them. The red, blue, yellow and old floral-painted typewriters looked inviting. The collectors' passion was inspiring. We should get shelves to show off Dan's machines; these people have glassed-in cabinets. Also, my Danny should have been in this film!
  11. Listened to my playlist on Spotify, including "Peace Train" by Yusuf/Cat Stevens. [Who would have thought when Sis drove me around in the white Ford Falcon in the 1970s and we listened to Cat on 8-track tapes that we would one day call him Yusuf?]
Good night, sleep well.