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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Heat Is On 

Just hauled portable AC into window. Thank God, as it was near 80 degrees. Good night.


  1. Sent an essay pitch, in between kitchen gadget writing.
  2. Walked Sugar and Butter twice.
  3. Amy’s brand quinoa veg burger, arugula and sweet potato for lunch. Other good  foods: raspberries & cream, homemade banana cocoa PB shake, steamed corn on cob, salad, dried apricots, chicken.
  4. Called supportive friend.
  5. Read cool New Yorker article about a photographer’s intimate portraits of black women/black families in humble rooms--and the subjects look regal and strong.
  6. Going to bed early, hope to rise early.


  1. Jacking your blog to talk about work (in response to your kind inquiry). We’ve had an upsurge in work over past few months, and two unexpected vacancies in small units that usually can handle each oterhs overflow. Mgmt put out memo - we’re hiring as fast as we can, but with training time, will not be fully staffed this year in either unit, so pls crank it up as best you can. Unspoken: this not an admin flexible or reasonable on performance req for federal workers. Trying to make up my mind what this means for me in terms of what I’m willing to take on. I have already taken on extra... anyway, thanks for asking, will try to keep bitching to a minimum. Overall I am happy and lucky to have the job I do.

    1. Hi. You’re not bitching! Lol. Just stating the facts. I like that you are being present and contemplating your limits and what you are willing to take on. I tend to lack big vision like that and I admire it. Thanks for encouraging me in my work. You go, girl, and TCOY, even in small breathers. Love Alice

  2. By the way, I am always in awe of the bravery of the self-employed and the need to market yourself plus do the work. It’s like you have superpowers!
    Liz again