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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Pearl in My Oyster

I love this slender silver ring with dangling gray-blue pearl. The luminous orb moves when I move, like charms on a bracelet, and feels so feminine.

It was made by Andrea Schettino, an artisan and gifted baker who still lives in my hometown--Dumont, NJ. The small town can tend toward the dull a bit--but of course it’s the people that matter, and some glitter like this lifts it up! I’m a snob, I know. For that I apologize.

I know Andrea and her family from St. Mary’s parish and her older brother, John, was a high school runner with me. 

Andrea’s mom, Sue, volunteered w my mom at the Saint Mary’s School Library and today mother and daughter both came to Montclair to meet me for lunch and a little browsing. 

Sue shared some memories of Mom with me, which I cherish. And her husband, Aniello, had a tiny shop in Dumont where he crafted beautiful silver and gold jewelry, with and without gemstones. I grew into such an accessory lover, starting with my first job as a fashion assistant at a magazine. I can’t believe I did not immerse myself in that mini shop! I don’t know if I ever went in. But my parents watched their pennies much more carefully than I do.

So grateful for lunch today with two lovely women holding a gossamer thread back to my girlhood--to Sunday Mass, the June carnival and more.

They both said to always take pearls off before immersing in dishwater. I ruined a Mikimoto pearl bracelet by NOT doing that. So I took my magical ring off and put it back on after sponge and Palmolive. I hate to take it off for bed, and might not.

Andrea’s website is Treasure chest! Must see!

Good night.


  1. The lunch w Andrea and Sue, and walking around the shops a bit.
  2. Bought a handmade bath fizzy at Dolly Moo.
  3. Ice water.
  4. Applied mascara.
  5. Ate some vegs.
  6. Texted my friend Meggy in Stowe, Vermont. Plan to drive up for a few days when Punch is at sleepaway camp for 2 weeks. I miss Meggy and Vermont.


  1. Alice, everything sounds magical when your pen hits the paper (ok, hand hits the keyboard, but i'm kind of old fashioned). And thus, by extension, you make us magical too. Thanks for that and so much more.

    1. Oh, thank you, Andrea but your ring [and other jewelry] really IS magical. When I wear the silver heart pendant, I feel the same way. Btw, it might be out of stock but when I search Ring or Pearl ring on your site, it doesn’t come up. Xox from Montclair. And wish you could do something w DollyMoo sometime down the road.

  2. Unique! Never saw a “dangle” ring. Agree on the treat on seeing those who knew your young parents...
    Lionna had abscess from mysterious wound and is on antibiotics, wound care is hard on all three of us.

    1. Oh I hear you. Doggy wound care definitely hard. Hope it is going Ok xo

  3. So nice, Alice. This is a lovely essay about a moment in time, and small town America, and craftspeople who took pride in their work. Love it!

    1. Thank you, Eileen....I feel so fortunate to have reconnected w Andrea and her mom. Sending hugs to PA. I bought the milk. Punch is all about the extra protein and we both love the taste. Hi to Pete. Love Alice

    2. Excellent. :) My boys go through it at a ridiculous pace ... but James really grew SO MUCH. Magic milk?

    3. Thanks again. Where do you buy it? It is $4.99 at Kings. Xo