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Friday, June 1, 2018

Working in My Office Almost 11 Hours?

I took far fewer breaks today, one to eat Chinese takeout for dinner with Dan and Figgy in the kitchen. [Punchy's Mimi picked her up after school for the weekend!]

I really, really wanted to finish by midnight, but I can't. As Iris, a co-worker at Seventeen Magazine, said to our boss once when I had to stay into the night to create Maybelline advertorial copy,

She's not a machine!

I have been trying my hardest but now have to spend a few hours of my Punch-free Saturday to finish up. I had already moved haircolor from today to tomorrow. [Dan also has to work at events Saturday night and Sunday daytime, so we will be lucky if we get to go out to breakfast.]

Good night.

P.S. In case you're wondering, I get paid [pretty fairly, I think/thought] per gadget, not per hour. Sometimes I can write about a few products in an hour, and sometimes I cannot, if the gadget requires studying.


  1. End is in sight!
    Pi still the biggest thing going on with me because it affects everything else. This weekend I have to run laundry and pack for a week in Boston, make up some lost work time, get to the library for a book on tape for the drive, and maybe paint more. Face still looks terrible but feels better, still getting outbreaks on my hands and arms which require me to wrap in ice periodically to relieve itch.
    Ridiculous. Enough about me, good luck wrapping work up!

    1. Liz you have a busy weekend! Is this a Boston visit to see your family? I love Boston but haven’t been for years. Want to go back. So much ground to travel in life! Book on tape, great! By the way, i’ve been writing to the sound of Broadway over the last day, Hamilton, Book of Mormon etc on Spotify. I love Dear Evan Hansen music and thought of you and Kim because there’s a great song about mom (s) wishing there were a map to follow as parents. I hope that PI vanishes. Love alice