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Friday, August 31, 2018

Have Car, Will Travel 

Today was my annual voyage to the Hamptons, about 2.5 hours to get there [departing from Montclair at 1:15 p.m.] and closer to 2 hours to get home [leaving Southampton about 9:10 p.m.] 

I go in the summer when Punch is at her Mimi’s for a week. It’s a big drink of freedom and beauty. On my own, finding my way, driving over two bridges, and traveling the L.I.E. Turn on North Sea Lane. One year, Dan went with me. I couldn’t go last year because our car died. I missed it.

I did feel a tiny bit guilty that I was leaving Punch out of this beauty. [I asked Figgy and Dan, but both had to work. I think I secretly wanted to go alone, anyway.]  Then I felt better when Mimi said they were driving to Atlantic City and spending the night, But then guilt again when Mimi texted me a photo and Punch wasn’t smiling--unusual for her to look serious.

I want to write a nice post tomorrow--have other writing deadlines, too.

Good night.


  1. That would be about the length of our drive to get to the ocean...glad u had the road trip. With school beginning and the need for more structure, happy you had a day of feeling free... Friend visiting, taking today off for fun with her, yay!

  2. grab the oxygen mask without guilt, mama. Glad you got it to yourself. xoxo

  3. Hi Liz! Have fun today w your pal, yay. I know you have been working so hard. School starts on Thursday, Sept 6 here. Kim, thank you. I appreciate that. Xx I want to tap into the serenity when school year stress starts, if I can.