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Sunday, September 30, 2018

TCOY List, to Think Positive 

  1. Weeded--and filled another big brown sack to put at the curb.
  2. Made a healthy vegetable soup from the Oh She Glows Cookbook of vegan recipes by Angela Liddon. I oversalted it, but had with buttered slice of Ezekiel sesame toast. Let’s not talk about the Mocha Chocolate Sauce from The Joy of Cooking. I made a half batch, w just 1.5 tablespoons sugar, coffee, espresso powder and 3 oz. Divine brand 85% chocolate, I had whipped up a simple vanilla Panna Cotta to chill in my retro aqua Tupperware mold for dessert--called for just 1/3 cup sugar but didn’t set yet. So I, um, spooned up the mocha sauce, which had gotten nice and thick as it cooled. Oh well, I’m human. With a serious sweet tooth.
  3. Noticed my first Heavenly Blue Morning Glory bloom. It’s been months of waiting. They are late bloomers.
  4. Talked on phone w my cousin, Linda; Sis; and Moey. I do love to chat.
  5. Walked Sug up and down block.
  6. Bought healthy groceries--bananas, PB, steak, broccoli, an orange, dates, herbs, beans. Good night to you.


  1. Peter did a ton of outside work this weekend, the weather was great. I had so much sugar to power through working yesterday that I made myself kind of sick. At 57! Up 2 lbs in a week, so straight and narrow for me.
    Happy October!

    1. Yes, I hear you, at 57. When will we stop making ourselves kind of sick? Oy. We are human. But coffee, sugar, something....we reach for it to power through the day....let's try for protein....xo