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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 2, No Sugar, It's OK

My 8 a.m. yoga class was cancelled, so I went to Julie's very good/very hard 9:30 to 11 class. At the end of the class, when we were resting in Shavasana, Julie came around, as our instructors sometimes do, and massaged our necks with lavender oil.

If you don't want me to massage you with oil, place your hand on your belly, and then I'll know, she said.

Being a shopper, and also the legal guardian of a little girl who resists sleep even after hours of activity, I took Julie's tip and headed to Whole Foods after class to get a small bottle of lavender oil. Will dab a bit on Punch tonight.

But then I kind of ate too much for lunch, like a cup of heavy mac and cheese from the hot bar at Whole Foods....

Oh well, on the horse again.

Good night.

  1. That yoga class. I liked Julie's words and wisdom.
  2. Got my Rx at CVS. Had to wait a while. Pain in neck.
  3. Warm bath with salts.
  4. Private Benjamin. Kind of a difficult and emotional session, but gets me thinking. Tears for fears.
  5. Made simple tomato sauce with a big can of San Marzano crushed tomatoes, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and a couple shakes of Parmesan.


  1. I had a bad emotional eating event last night... Mostly I keep sugar out of the house, coolies and cakes, to. After several years of avoiding them I don't crave so much. But I do keep dark chocolate, and have been successful at sprinkling just a few chips into my treat of mascarpone and froz n wild blueberries. Last night moderation went out the window and this morning I have a terrible thirst, my stomach is still twisted (from emotion as well as bad eating) and I'm sluggish. Sigh. It's not just a transition, it's forever. But it does get easier on the whole.

    Keep going.

  2. Hi Nan. Thanks for checking in. That's what my friends say, that the less you eat sugary treats, the less you crave them....interesting. I'm sorry you didn't eat the way you wanted to last night. I hear you re the hangover: thirst, upset stomach, sluggishness. "It's not just a transition, it's forever." Wise words. I hope you are OK. Emotion can wring us out. Sending peace and love. Alice