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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Good Night; Punch is Back in the House

Punchy was whisked to Mimi's for the weekend for all kinds of fun, from the Bone Run--a race--to vampire costume shopping at Walmart.

It's a bit of a bump when she returns; acting out, etc. But thankfully, H. calmed her and got her to sleep by 8:40 tonight.

We savored a weekend off. We saw the movie "Steve Jobs" and I highly recommend it; went to Tierney's for a burger and drink and saw Mernins and cool Blastaways band playing upstairs; and had brunch here today with Meg and Greg. Meggy is my college roommate and pal. They live in Stowe, VT and were in the area to see her Dad and brothers. Yay!

I also spent all Saturday roaming the city and fragrance boutiques with Sis for Sniffapalooza [hard-working H. had to write 60-Second Novels at an afternoon event and an evening event yesterday].

Cherry on top: afternoon nap today.

Sugar notes: I did not eat treats today but was sorely tempted with big and little cupcake and pumpkin pie offers at Halloween party and friend's house. I thought maybe I could just eat some of the pumpkin pie filling but then I thought no, there's sugar in there. I've noticed that when I crave a sweet, I have to redirect with some treat, not always healthy. Like a glass of cold, crisp white wine in a fine crystal goblet at the Halloween party or, at home, blue corn chips with whipped cream cheese, or a glass of ice-cold organic 2% milk or granola with milk. Something kind of illicit and treaty. I'm ok w the milk but would like to think of other healthful choices. And I do miss fine dark chocolate as a daily dose. Yesterday, at La Maison du Chocolat, I wanted to buy this big dark bar [$18] for noshing and baking. I resisted, also know my H. needs new glasses and we have to watch $$$. But I would still like to have dark chocolate around. Just doesn't seem like I can manage it in moderation, 

  1. Slept 9 peaceful hours last night.
  2. A friend held an Arbonne party. I ordered pretty Hibiscus lipstick and a relaxing bath & shower gel for Figgy for Christmas.
  3. That nap.
  4. Catching up with some nice women friends after Halloween party.
  5. About to take a bath with bath salts,


  1. On the sugar: I actually also don't eat most starches, no potatoes or grains. Or at least that's how I try to eat and the only way I can lose weight. When I start a new period of being strict, I find its best to be totally strict. Some weeks later, I'll start allowing some dark chocolate, and usually for some weeks I can actually do my own portion control. But finally, I see its back out of control and I go cold turkey back to strict.

    I'm going strict right now, to try to get past Halloween.

    So if you were to stay sugar free (except your 2x a month) for a while, you might try a little very high end dark chocolate. I also use the expense as a reason for small portions!

  2. Nan, thank you for this insightful comment. It is helpful to me. If you are ever in NYC, let's try to meet a La Maison du Chocolat for a hot cup of chocolate. Love, Alice