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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Getting Caught in the Rain

Always melancholy on the eve before I leave the Cape, tonight no exception. Don’t want our car nosing back to NJ, away from beautiful coastline. And it’s been gray and rainy since this we didn’t get to do sunny Sunday things.
It’s ok. Still a gift.
Today we went to 10:30 Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Wellfleet, where the Blessed Mother statue is lovely and the Holy Water is in a big seashell-shaped font.
Then we went to the Audubon, below! See Dan  and Punch, then Dan among the towering cattails. I love that place, that drink of nature.

But not much else. I went back to Mac’s Seafood Market & Kitchen in Eastham and bought 1/4 Lb of sweet, tender cooked lobster meat to serve w melted butter. Also local asparagus and corn but we didn’t get around to cooking them, so they will be enjoyed in Jersey.
Important note: I didn’t try the Cape craft chocolate bars, a brand that’s new to me, nor do I intend to. Three kinds displayed right near the register at Mac’s, perfect for impulse buying. The old Alice would have by now tried at least two--for "research," pleasure, entitlement, defiance and sugar/dessert craving. Second note: it was not a struggle to resist.
Later, I did some important reading and writing. And looked at my work in perspective, from the distance, from this special place. I have a hard deadline to finish gadget writing by the end of May, which is Thursday at midnight.
Around 5:30, Dan took Punch and her friend across the street [who lives here year-round] to the Red Barn for arcade time and pizza, then to Ben & Jerry’s. The weather prevented their planned mini-golf game.
I had wanted to curl up with a book during that window, but arcade friend’s Mom came over to talk for a while, That’s ok. It’s neighborly up here. And over the years, I’ve learned that slowing down and visiting with Cape Codders in their homes or ours has made me feel more a part of this sandy place.
I watched the 1969 Ali MacGraw breakout film "Goodbye, Columbus," based on Philip Roth’s writing, and loved it. Jack Klugman, beautiful Ali, wonderful color, contraception issues, Jewish lifestyles, Radcliffe campus, time capsule. Want to reread novella written by brilliant, candid Roth.
I’m about to read. Good night to you.
P.S. I didn’t mow the lawn yet. I was supposed to pick up all the sticks the wind blew on it first, which I did. But when I went out to mow, it was rainy and the grass was wet. I hope I’m not in trouble.
  1. Leonard Cohen CD while driving on Route 6 east to Wellfleet. I adore his songs, especially "So Long, Marianne," which reminds me of Sis, who spells it MaryAnne one word. Cohen, like Roth, another gifted Jewish writer. Goes right to the heart. 
  2. Shower w beautiful body wash from Chelsea Square in Montclair.


  1. I get melancholy too when I leave Ma. But not the Cape, we never went to the cape, and seldom went to the beach. I saw for the first time with a college friend. I think it’s gorgeous. Mine was an urban childhood, wore sneakers into the wading pool at the city park. My mom worked every other weekend. We took our kids to ocean city, which is whole different vibe.

    1. Wow, I wish you would write about those memories... sneakers in wading pool, mom’s [and dad’s] hard work, etc etc You need a blog or online journal. Ocean city, md—I’ve heard so much about it. People treasure it. My friend Moey’s family mainly did Jersey Shore, but I think your ocean city once or twice. Do you ever go back or is it too kid-centric? Xo