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Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Grass Is Always Taller

Irony of happens every year, we start the summer with the same broken lawn mower, which Dan takes in for repair. Just in the nick of time, he got the mower back and cut our swaying 2-foot tall grass--a meadow, really--before we left for the Cape.
En route, I checked my email and my brother Will [who owns the Cape house now w Kelly] said something about mowing the lawn up here, that we might need to.
But when we pulled in near 11:30 pm, our headlights shone on a 3-foot tall meadow! Oh man. I was dreading leaving our own home looking so shaggy and Dan fixed it. But now we arrive at another place 300 miles away and the mower has to be hauled out.
God must be trying to tell us something. This lawn is so tall, I was afraid I would lose Sugar in it--and that a stealthy Cape Cod fox would find her under the moonlight.
Good night. Lawn mowing and cleaning on the weekend agenda. Such are the realities of this family house.


  1. Our tiny lawn usually can go two weeks but with all this crazy rain, we don’t have a prayer. Demoralizing to arrive to work, but hope you get a nice breathe of ocean when you wake up!

  2. Liz, thanks, the air is Cape pure and the birdsong exquisite. Xo