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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Home Safe 🚙 

Locked Cape house about 11:30 a.m. We had swept, vacuumed, cleaned toilet, mopped kitchen floor, emptied and cleaned fridge, Windexed glass table tops, stripped beds, locked windows, turned off water supply for house and outdoor shower.
The whole while, Sug did what she always does--yelp and ask to be lifted on and off bed. She knew we were packing up and was afraid we might forget her.
As if.
Girls had gone to transfer station with the considerable amount of trash [2 tall bags] and recycling [even more] amassed in 10 days. They also slipped in another quick Wellfleet Bay Audubon visit. Fig loves it there, the seed of that love planted when she was a little girl.
We stopped at the Sparrow one last time, then dropped Fig and 🍊 at the Hyannis bus station to get the 1:30 bus to Boston. Punch, Sug and I hit traffic and got lost trying to get back on Route 6 West, then we drove until 8 pm to meet Punch’s Mimi on the Garden State Parkway. Stopped just once. She had planned a short trip to North Carolina [flying] with Punch and a special friend. I got home close to 9, same time Dan got back from Wisconsin with a block of sharp aged Cheddar.
I will post more later.
We are all happy to be back; Sug in exhausted position on sofa. She’s a brave little traveler.
Thank you, Cape Cod. The distance to reach you is part of your allure.

  • Hot Chocolate Sparrow, sandwiches, 2 coffee drinks, $19.
  • McDonald’s highway stop, unhealthy but in a hurry, $11.
  • Parkway tolls, $6.50.
  • CVS Montclair, 9:30 pm, organic milk, Cetaphil, smallish bag Ruffles chips, $18.75.
Will crunch numbers soon.

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