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Friday, December 14, 2018

Carb Haze & Good Night

Next time Punchy has a sleepover here--tonight, it’s her nice friend and friend’s third grade brother--I hope I step away from the carbs. Pizza, garlic knots. Sun Chips, Cool Ranch Doritos and mini donuts. Lord Almighty. Mistakes were made.

Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


  1. Biked in and out of town.
  2. Dentist appt. from 2 to 4 to get temporary crown, lower back right. Many needles to numb, many bucks to pay, many fewer sticky caramels in my future. Grateful I could get it taken care of. But would much prefer golden tiara to this Plain Jane denta crown.
  3. Sis drove over from Connecticut to take Figgy--her goddaughter--to lunch. And since Figgy then went to work and Dan had to head to work in NYC, Sis got Punch off the schoolbus at 4 and drove her to therapy appt. in town. I met Punch there. So grateful for help from Sis.
  4. Therapy appt. was insightful for both the little brunetti and me.
  5. Little Bear Poke, right near therapist’s office, for dinner. The crispy rice w spicy tuna was $8, ample, and we both loved it. We also had a $5 reward. 
  6. Figgy met us after work and walked home from town w Punch while I biked back. They had a nice walk.
  7. Healthy things: Arugula w my egg and a small bowl of homemade butternut squash soup from a Cooking Light slow cooker recipe. Oh, and a piece of seeded, whole-grain toast. Really reaching here. ;) I’ve been buying vegs but not eating them. It’s cookie and eggnog season....?
  8. Think I found some jobs to apply for.
  9. Relaxed and watched some "Riverdale" episodes on Netflix tonight w Punch. Based [loosely] on Archie Comics.

Good night to you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Still on the Run, Catch up on Anger Post Soon

Today I dashed into NYC to meet Sis after her dr. appt. Eleven years after her "precancer" breast cancer radiation, she finally got a sign-off for clean bill of health. Yay!!! That was a long ordeal, scary, meds, etc.

Sweet gifts/feasts for the eyes:

  1. Walking through Bryant Park holiday stalls, with marshmallow-topped vegan hot cocoa [looked good, thought of Figgy], Doughnuttery, even a tent for Gurney’s Resorts.
  2. Ice rink there! On bucket list. Again.
  3. Faux-snow-decked tree and an historic menorah in New York Public Library [lion pictured above]. Beautiful. Great edit in gift shop, too. Books by Bill Cunningham and Michelle Obama, H. Potter socks, fountain pens, wool hats, journals.
  4. Stroll up Fifth Avenue with Sis to Saks Fifth Avenue holiday windows. Sigh and bring a pen for your wish list if you love fashion. Ladylike Gucci green silk backless pumps with double G in colored crystals. If I were a rich woman, would see if they come in size 11! [I didn’t know the gems were in G formation; learned that now on SFA website. I just thought they were feminine and alluring.] Did not like the leather sneakers with ropes of removable jewels--too clunky, too boxy, too much--but always happy to see a style trend upclose. Price tag: $1,590, almost as much as our monthly mortgage payment. Also, plush, red velvet theater seating; poodles with satin bows; crimson evening gown; in a dressing room, a head full of rollers, secured w pearl pins. I think it’s the windows on Fifth Avenue [not side streets] that will enchant children--with fluffy fake dogs, pink macarons, etc. Unless those little babes are budding fashionistas.
  5. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and not just popping in. We walked around looking at statues of saints, lighting tiny white candles, praying in Lady Chapel behind altar, enjoying the manger [Baby Jesus, of course, not in crib yet].
  6. The Rockefeller Center tree! Always larger than life.
  7. Dark hot chocolate w little coupe of whipped cream at La Maison du Chocolat. The waiter said the elixir has no sugar, but I think it does have a bit. Bought a box of little dark Chocolate Coffee Beans [under $20; iconic bean shapes infused w coffee, man tied my box w red ribbon]. La Maison, in Rock Center, is best-kept hot cocoa secret. Approached nearby Bouchon Bakery first, but line out the door. Bucket list, again.
  8. Ordered Radio City tix for next Tuesday at 8 p.m. for Sis, Figgy, Punch and me! Got cheapest I could w code, $60 each, including handling. [orchestra seats, partially obstructed view]. To all a good night.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Seeing Red*, Too Angry to Write

Will try tomorrow. Wanted to write about Candlelight Carol Sing at church but bringing Punch was kind of a disaster and then things went from bad to worse.

As of now, I feel like packing my pink Hadley Pollet bag and heading to a desert island or shipping my family there. Too bitter to write, or even say good night, because that has the word good in it.

And not seeing any happy holiday reds, like holly berries, satin bows, pillar candles, fat peppermints, candy canes, Santa’s suit or Rudolph’s nose. In two words, I’m pissed.

Merry Christmas.