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Saturday, June 18, 2011

60 Pounds Lighter!

Not in body weight, in paper weight....thrown out of my pretty little turquoise office this evening. It feels so good. It was old work files, research, some heavy magazines. Paper I carted from the condo in November and hadn't sifted till now.

I have a lot more to sift.

But even this early on, it feels like a great, great burden off my shoulders.

Good night.

  1. Got my hair blown smooth at 9 A.M.. Luxury, luxury. Bought pretty little rhinestone bobby pin for $2.50 at salon.
  2. Browsed in vegan/green store in town--interesting.
  3. Fresh sliced tomato on toasted oatmeal bread with crispy bacon, in my kitchen.
  4. Made spaghetti with sauteed shellfish, a squeeze of lemon and Parmesan cheese for dinner. Not too big a plate.
  5. Walked Sug around block once, and then on a long evening walk up the hill behind the Iris Gardens. Next time, I'm going up another hill, we're high above the town. On walk, we saw tiger-orange daylilies, purple and blue hydrangeas, freshly mowed grass and a pretty sky.
  6. Tracked my spending. And all I spent today was $2.50 for the bobby; $2.09 for a half-gallon of 2 percent milk; and about $4.50 on my Starbucks card [not counting gas guzzled from tank while driving car--should bike next time].Wait a minute--what am I saying? My blowout was $30 [$5 discount for booking ahead] plus $10 in tips to my wonderful stylist, Christina, and the shampoo girl.
  7. Most importantly, about to get into bed now--early--and read. I never read anymore.

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