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Monday, June 13, 2011

Faced the Day, Liked It OK

Had a productive Monday. Put one foot in front of the other. Definitely helped that we had boot camp outside in the park this morning and it was cool and sunny, not deadly hot. Then we had a little party on the grass for Nicky, one of our group who completed her training as a chef. [She is also funny, thoughtful, pretty, smart and mother to three young children. I marvel at her.] It was really fun. Patsy brought granola, berries and vanilla yogurt, and coffee from Starbucks. We gave Nicky a card and an apron Patsy had made with Nicky's sweet logo on it.

Plowed through stacks of mail and bills. Revised a story pitch. Contacted sources for another two stories. Fed roses. Made dinner. Faced life--including some big mistakes I've made, some flaws I hope to improve.

  1. Boot camp in the park.
  2. Walked Sug around block twice.
  3. Nap.
  4. Picked up and put down big sack of Fritos Scoops at grocery store. Eyed brownies and cookies and left them on shelves.
  5. Made broccoli quiche and steamed asparagus for dinner, though it wasn't ready until after 9 P.M., and by then, H. and Figgy had already eaten. [Does it count if I only managed to eat a few spears? Do I get some veggie credits for cleaning and cooking the spears, and squeezing them with fresh lemon?]


  1. Alice, in all the swirl of what's going on for you, this is the least important, but I keep noticing you staring down foods (which makes me giggle, btw). I have found it helpful to:
    a) completely avoid aisles with tempting foods at supermarkets. I also have learned to glaze over them. I swear I don't even see packaged cookies if I HAVE to go by them.
    b) really give tempting foods a bad rap in my head. Like, gosh, how many trans fats are in there, how processed is that, how over-packaged is that, how not locavore, so expensive for what it is. And, if I ever get a "eh" goodie (which I have gotten at Starbucks), that makes it easier. I tell myself, "remember that eh muffin. Everything looks good here, but probably isn't."
    doesn't always works, but it does a surprising amount and every little bit helps.

  2. Hi Kim. Thank you for that note. That is helpful. I've been starting to think about the processed, unnatural angle too when I see a pack of cookies or a boxed supermarket cake. I know some people who say that if their family wants cookies that bad, they'll bake them. Do you remember Lily from WD? At Sbarro Italian place, she once said to me, "They're all plastic, I just tell myself they're all plastic" as she passed the slices for rich cakes. love alice

  3. I love that story! "they're all plastic" i'm going to remember that!